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Meet Our Staff

Nicki Harmon
Nicki Harmon, Director

I have the pleasure of Directing the Child Development Center for Pasadena City College.  I have worked at our Child Development Center for 21 years.  I have my M.A. in Human Development, from Pacific Oaks College and my B.A. in Child Development from California State University Chico. Professionally, I have been in the Child Development field for 30 years. It gives me great joy to do the work I love.  Quote to live by - “The only thing worse than not being able to see is to be able to see and having no vision.” Helen Keller
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Nimfa Aldana-Williams
Nimfa Aldana-Williams, Preschool Specialist

I have been in the field of child development for 20 years. My passion over the years has evolved as I matured; continuously aspiring for excellence allowed me to embrace and honor change. I am passionate about theorists, Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow; meeting life’s basic necessities and genuine interest of others well being is what connects us all with each other. I believe in the marriage of theory and personal experiences. Personally, I think child development is ever changing, not because of uncertainty but mainly to meet the different needs of individual children and their families, at different times of their lives. I have an AA Degree in Early Childhood Education, a BA Degree in Business Management, and currently working on my Master’s Degree, specializing in Leadership in Education. This coming fall semester, starting September 2007, I will be focused mainly on writing my thesis; I am expecting to graduate on May 2008.
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Margie Casini
Margie Casini, Early Primary Specialist

I have the pleasure of being the Early Primary Specialist for the past 10 years here at the Child Development Center. I have been teaching Kindergarten eighteen years in various different schools. I have my Bachelors degree in Child Development from Cal State LA. Soon after my graduation I began my own family. Now that my children are grown I hope to obtain my Masters degree. I am a California Early Childhood Mentor for teachers beginning in the field of early childhood. My passion is empowering the children with plenty of love, joy, and confidence. Love for life, joy in laughter and confidence in themselves to become the best in their beginning years of school. I live by what my best mentor (my mother) taught me, “You paint the picture in your life, you choose the colors for your day and when you mix them, mix them with love and passion.” Perhaps that is why I love art.
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Marcy Estrada
Marcy Estrada

I’ve been working with the CDC since 1996. I have an A.A. in Marketing and have been in the administrative field for over 12 years. The most rewarding part of my job is the connections I’ve made with the children and parents. I’ve always believed that your actions reflect what is in your heart!
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Marisol J. Garza
Marisol J. Garza, Preschool Specialist

I am the specialist in the preschool program. I began my career as a teacher eight years ago. I obtained my AA/AS degree with an emphasis in Early Childhood Development at P.C.C. I moved on to Pacific Oaks College where I obtained my Bachelors degree in Human Development. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with my Masters in Education and Curriculum Instruction. At a very young age I decided that I wanted to be a teacher; having this goal in mind has allowed me to accomplish several goals. My passion for working with children derives from my home environment and how much value is placed on children. In spring of 2007, I was given the opportunity to teach a Child Development class on campus. It was a great experience to share my enthusiasm and passion to aspiring teachers. In working with children I’ve touch their lives by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment. Now, I have the opportunity to touch the lives of those who will one day become the teachers of my children. Quote to live by – "Life is full of endless possibilities."
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Marion Salinas
Marion Salinas, Specialist Assistant

I have been at PCC Child Development Center since fall of 1999; I started as a field practice student, and was offered an on-call substitute as soon as I completed my 200 hours of field work. I progressively advance to a permanent part time teacher position and soon after, I became a specialist assistant. I feel privilege because I was offered these opportunities and felt proud that they saw what I can offer as a teacher. Working on my 8th year here at the child development center, I have experienced the great impact of educarers in children’s lives; having a 4 year old child myself, has given me a vast appreciation of teachers’ role in my daughter’s life. I currently have my Child Development Permit and my California Teachers’ Permit. Quote to live by, “Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect; it just means you decided to see beyond the imperfections, and have faith in God with all that you do.”
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Marion Salinas
Lorraine Snyder, Infant Specialist

I have the pleasure of being the specialist in the infant program for the last five years. I have been an educator of infants and toddlers professionally for fourteen years now. I am a graduate from PCC with a major in Child Development and am currently working on a Bachelor's degree at La Verne University in the Child Development field. I am a State of California Early Childhood Mentor teacher and trained in West Ed practices and am certified in Partners in Infant Toddler Care (P.I.T.C.) module’s I & II. The philosophy in the infant program strongly reflects the care and respect for each individual infant and their families. Quote to live by: what we do today reflects into tomorrow. 
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Brenda Trejo
Brenda Trejo, Young Toddler Specialist

I am part of the Young Toddler Team in the capacity of Specialist for the past 7 years. I have more than 10 years of experience in the field of child development. I am a graduate from Pasadena City College with a major in Child Development and currently working on a Bachelors degree in Human Development at Pacific Oaks College. My passion in this field derives from commitment to families and our impact on children. It is a personal commitment to support and encourage families. Quote to live by: “Every survival kit should include a sense of humor.”
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