Frequently Asked Questions



1) What is the cost of tuition at the CEC?

All the courses offered through the Community Education Center are free of charge. The student must, however, pay for books and supplies.

2) What are the qualifications to becoming a student at the CEC?

The Community Education Center accepts all students over 17½ years of age. Students who are concurrently enrolled in high schools with the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) may take courses with the High School Diploma Program in order to earn credits toward high school graduation.

3) What courses are offered at the CEC?

The CEC offers a variety of academic and vocational courses. Through our High School Diploma Program, we offer high school level courses, which fulfill the requirements toward a high school diploma. We offer vocational courses such as Electronic Assembly and Wiring, Photocopy Technology, Fashion, Broadcasting, Cinematography, Apparel Skills and Drapery Construction, Cosmetology and Apprenticeship. We also offer courses in Adult Basic Education, Americanization, Business Systems, Civic Education and Community Development, Job Placement, and Test Preparation CAHSEE and GED. Please check the schedule of classes for an accurate list of courses currently available.

4) What courses can a high school student take?

The Community Education Center offers high school level courses students may take in order to earn credits toward high school graduation. We currently offer courses in Reading, Writing and Vocabulary, Grammar, American Literature, English Literature, World Affairs, History, Government, Physical Sciences, and Math. Please check the schedule of classes for an accurate list of courses currently available.

5) Where do students go to register for CEC classes?

Students may register for CEC courses right here at the CEC in the Admissions and Record Office (Rm 100). Students may also register by phone or online.

6) What student services are offered at the CEC?

Students may purchase parking permits, order transcripts, receive (limited) health and psychological services, academic counseling, and career counseling. Additionally, students may take placement tests for the High School Diploma Program, GED, Business, Adult Basic Education, and English as a Second Language at the CEC.

7) Are students allowed to take courses on the main campus and the CEC?

YES! You may park either on the main campus or here at the CEC and take the free shuttle, which commutes between the two campuses every 15 minutes. The hours of operations are: Mon~Thurs (6am-10:45pm) and Fridays (6am~6pm) except on school holidays and Flex Days.

Revised February 3, 2011

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