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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for DSPS students

How do I get sign language interpreting service at PCC for my classes?

Contact Bianca Richards - Counselor, or Rosemary Scott -Teacher Specialist at 626-585-7127 (Voice) as soon as possible, for verification and service arrangement as well as registration assistance. Alternatively, you can send email to, or

The Department or Rehabilitation buys my text books; what paperwork do I need?

Department of Rehabilitation procedures for “Books and Supplies”

Every semester after you have registered for your classes, you will need to fill out a “Books & Supplies List” form that you can pick up from the DSPS front office.  Take this form and your class printout to the PCC bookstore and find the books you will need for your classes.  List each book and the price, calculate the total and include tax.  It is your responsibility to turn in the form to your DR counselor.  Department of Rehabilitation will process a “Book Voucher” and send it directly to the PCC bookstore; you will also receive a copy.  Once the bookstore receives the voucher you can go to the bookstore and pick up your books.

What is the difference between “priority registration” and “early registration”?

Each new, returning, and continuing student is automatically assigned a date and time to register.  This is commonly called your “priority registration.”  The more units you accrue, the sooner you can register.  “Early registration,” that is, registration before your assigned registration time, is an accommodation to mitigate a specific educational limitation created by your disability.  You must request this accommodation from your Teacher-Specialist and provide documentation as to how early registration will mitigate your educational limitation.