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Frequently Asked Questions


What classes should I enroll in with Architecture 10A?
Architecture 12A and Architecture 11.
Can I take Architectural History 24B before 24A?
It is advisable to take the History classes in chronological order, Architecture 24A then Architecture 24B. This is because many of the fundamental concepts are introduced in the first class and expanded in the second.
Should I take Arch 24A before Arch 24B?
Yes! The fundamental principles of architectural order and organization along with the special vocabulary needed to discuss architecture is introduced in Arch 24A. Students who take the classes in the correct order achieve greater success in the class.
What other classes should I take with Arch 10A?
You must also enroll in or have completed Arch 12A and Arch 11 in order to take Arch 10A. In Arch 12A you will learn the skills necessary to represent your designs in architectural drawings. In Arch 11 you will learn the about the profession of architecture and the process of becoming an architect. This will help you plan your education as an architect.
Can I audit the class?
Unfortunately no. The college's policy does not allow students to take a course for no credit. This course is offered for credit only.

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