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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the geology stockroom?
Room E215
How do I get a handlens or field notebook?
Purchase these items from the stockroom. Complete a purchase form (available from the stockroom) and submit payment to the student bank. Provide your reciept of payment to the stockroom in order to recieve your materials.
Where can I find my grades?
Grades for Dr. House's classes will be posted in the study area behind the computers or on line at your class website
How can I get an "A"?
Study, study, study. Come to class, do the required reading, review your notes, do the homework, take online quizzes, make your own study guides, form a study group, and come to office hours
Where can I find the extra credit for Sonjia Leyva's classes?
You can find a list of all extra credit activities at: Note that there is a MAXIMUM of 20 points allowed, and that all extra credit is due the last day of class (not the day of the final exam).