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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get to PCC?

FROM THE SOUTH: Take the Pasadena Fwy. (110) north to its end. Continue on Arroyo Parkway to Colorado Blvd. Turn right or east and continue approximately 2 miles to Hill Ave. The College is located at Hill and Colorado Blvd.

FROM THE WEST: Take the 134 Fwy. to the 210 Fwy. to Pasadena . Exit on Hill Ave and turn right (south) onto Hill Ave. Proceed south approximately 1/2 mile to Colorado Blvd. The College is located at Hill and Colorado Blvd.

FROM THE EAST: Take the 210 Fwy. west to the Hill Ave. exit. Turn left onto Hill Ave. Proceed south approximately 1/2 mile on Hill to Colorado Blvd. The College is located at Hill and Colorado Blvd.

FROM THE NORTH: Take the 210 Fwy. to Pasadena . Exit on Hill Ave and turn right (south) onto Hill Ave. Proceed south approximately 1/2 mile to Colorado Blvd. The College is located at Hill and Colorado Blvd.

What are your hours of operation?

Business hours are Monday-Friday, 6:00am-6:00pm. We are available 24 hours a day for after-hour services. Please contact (626) 585-7484.

How can I get an escort to or from my car?
Call (626) 585-7484, or you can request an escort by visiting the Police and Safety office in B210 during business hours.
When is the Flea Market open?
The flea market is open the first Sunday of every month, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Daily parking permits must be purchased from parking permit dispensers located in the lots.

When does the shuttle service run to and from PCC and CEC?
The shuttle runs approximately every 15 minutes from each campus Monday through Thursday between 6:30am-10:45pm. Hours of operation on Fridays are 6:30am-5:45pm. There will be no sevice on weekends, holidays or when classes are not in session.

Where can I find bus information?

For bus schedules go to campus police in B210 or contact Student Business Services in B203.

Community Business Center

My employer requires that I be fingerprinted by "Livescan". What is that and how can I have it done?

"Livescan" is obtaining fingerprints electronically and submitting the fingerprints to the Department of Justice electronically.  Obtain a "Livescan" form from your employer and bring three completed copies with you. Live scan is done at the Community Business Center, located on the PCC Community Education Campus at 3035 East Foothill Blvd, Pasadena 91107.

What are your hours of operation?

The Community Business Center hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am-7pm and Saturdays 9am-3pm. No appointment is needed.

Do you also provide ink card fingerprinting?

Yes.  We can roll your fingerprint impressions onto our FD-258 ink cards or you can supply us with your own cards for purposes of FBI background checks and for other requesting agencies which allow ink card submissions.

What are the fees for fingerprinting?

We charge a $20  fee to roll your fingerprints.  Additional fees may apply including: Department of Justice and FBI, and Child Abuse Index fees, depending on the requirements for your particular requesting agency, type of employment, job title, etc.  Please contact the Community Business Center at 626-585-3210 for more information.

How long does it take for my employers to get the results back?

Background results are received by the requesting Agency within 7 to 10 business days, but can take up to 30 days for the Department of Justice to respond.  If you have not heard from your requesting agency within 10 business days of fingerprinting please contact the Community Business Center at 616-585-3210.

Can I get ID services for my child?

Yes, we provide a Child ID service. A Child ID is a very useful tool that can assist law enforcement authorities in their efforts to locate a missing child.  Our child ID consists of 4 pictures, 4 ID cards, complete fingerprints, both palm prints, and the child's personal information that the parent/guardian provides, all on a convenient CD.  The fee is $30.

Can you come to my location and perform Live Scan services for a group?

Mobile Service is provided for Live Scan and Child ID services to a group of 10 applicants or more. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Where can I go to get Live Scan, Ink Fingerprinting, Passport Application Acceptance, Passport Photos, Notary Services and Child IDs?

The Community Business Center provides the following services:  Live scan, Ink fingerprinting, Passport Application Acceptance, Passport Photos, Child IDs and Notary services.  Please contact us for more information 626-585-3210.

Lost & Found

How can I find something I lost on campus?

Police and Safety Services maintains a "Lost and Found" service in their office, B-210. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 10:30am-2pm. Contact: (626) 585-7484.

What do I do if I find something on campus?

Immediately bring the item to B210 front desk during busines hours or ring the buzzer for dispatch after hours.

Should I attempt to return the lost item myself?

No!  You don't know the person.  You should never schedule a meeting of this kind.  Bring it into the Police and Safety Department and they will contact the person who lost the property.

What if I don't have time to make it to the Police and Safety Department to drop off a lost and found item?

Lost and Found can be left in division offices, bookstore, library or computer labs.  They will contact the Police and Safety Department for pickup of the item.

What should I do if I loose something?

Come into B-210 during office hours and ask if your property has been found.  If it hasn't, place your contact information and a description of the lost item in the log.  You will be contacted when it comes in.


How can I get a parking permit?
Daily parking permits can be purchased from dispensers around all of the parking lots. Semester and intersession parking permits can be purchased online through Parking Plus. Students and staff may log into https://www.pasadena/edu/getparking Semester and intersession permits can also be purchased on campus in the Quad at the 411 Trolley. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space. More information found on our Parking web page.

How much does a parking permit cost?
For current fees and fee changes, go to our Parking Regulations web page (link below). Parking permit fees vary for semester, intersession, daily permit, main campus, CEC and motorcycles. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

What is the policy for parking permit refunds?
You are eligible for a refund if permit is returned before or during the first two weeks of the spring and fall semesters. Winter and summer intercession parking permits must be returned before or during the first week. Refund applications are available at Campus Police, B210.
Where can I park?
You can park in any designated spot in any of the student parking lots.

Where can the disabled park?
Every lot has disabled parking spaces. You must have a current handicap placard or a handicap license plate issued by the DMV and a valid student, staff or daily permit.
Can I get a visitor's pass?
Visitors may park in any student lot for $2.00 per day, all day. Parking permit dispensers are located throughout lots.

Can I leave my car overnight?
Cars may not be left on campus overnight without making prior arrangements with Police and Safety Services. You may obtain an OVERNIGHT/WEEKEND PARKING REQUEST form at B210. Cars left overnight without form will be cited or impounded.
How can I contest my parking ticket?
A citation appeal form can be obtained from Police and Safety Services at B210 or from the 411 Trolley located in the Quad. If contesting a ticket received from CEC campus, obtain an appeal form from the main office at CEC.
I tried to park and there was no space. What can I do?
The college oversells parking permits. During the first three weeks of the semester arrive at least one hour early. You can also take advantage of the shuttle service the college provides to and from the Community Education Center and Pasadena City College. CEC is located at 3035 E. Foothill Boulevard in Pasadena. Generally, parking spaces are readily available there. A PCC student or staff parking permit is valid at CEC. The daily parking fee at CEC is $2.00.
Where can I park my motorcycle?
You may park only in designated motorcycle parking compounds located on Level 1 of Lot 4 and Lot 5. A motorcycle parking permit or a daily permit is required. CEC motorcycle parking is located in Lot C.
Where can I park my bicycle?
There are many regulated bike racks throughout the campus. (See below.) Be advised that if you lock your bike on anything other than what is designated for bikes, it will be removed by Campus police. It is strongly advised that you lock your bicycle as thefts have occurred even with bikes that were secured with cable locks. Those locks are easily defeated. Campus police recommend using the U-locks which are available at the Bookstore. Bicycle racks are located: South of the C Building, south of the E Building, north of the UU Building, south of the U Building, north of the GM Building, east of the IT Building. between the CC and L Building, and south of the D Building.

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