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How Resource Allocation Relates to Planning

Resource Allocation links to planning in two ways.  First as program reviews are completed and recommendations for program improvement are identified, these improvement recommendations are incorporated into Tactical Plans as "Create Improvement Actions" and have resource augmentation requests, timelines, and responsible personnel addressed. A summary of the Improvement Action items that have resource agumentation requests are presented to the college's  Budget and Resource Allocation committee on an annual basis.  Second within each Area, Tatical, and Operational plans, resource augmenation requests can be addressed if they are attached to specific "Action Items."  These action item resource augmentation requests will also be submitted to the Budget and Resource Allocation committee on an annual basis.

The requests for resource augmentation in planning process can have a signficant impact on the college's budget.  Sometimes new resources are sought as a means to accomplish the Actions developed in a plan. However, very little of the annual college budget is available to be allocated to support new resource augmentation requests because 97% of the college's budget is committed to fixed costs such as salaries, benefits, insurance utilities, maintenance, etc. 

Most often plans impact the college budget through the decisions made by managers as they reallocate their exisiting resources to accomplish the Actions developed as part of their plans.