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Program Review

Program review is an opportunity for the college to: 1)examine the extent to which a program is meeting its mission and contributing to the mission of the college; 2) develop an understanding of the program's challenges and successes; 3) use data and evaluation findings to develop goals and actions leading to program improvement; 4) contribute valuable and important information in support of the college's Educational Master Plan; 5) help the college satisfy, in part, accountability and accreditation mandates; and 6) provide information for decisions on program additions, revisions, resource allocation, and deletions.

The college has developed a review process based on student achievements and process outputs. 

Program Review Overview - Revised, February 2, 2011

Program Review Handbook

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The Instructional area  will review programs based on:

Basic Skills

Basic Skills Summary Basic Skills English Basic Skills Math Basic Skills ESL Basic Skills CEC


General Education - Scheduled review begins in Fall 2011

AA/AS degree - Majors and Areas of Emphasis Review Cycle

Certificates - Certificates of Achievement Review Cycle

Certificates of Achievement Program Review Due Dates

2010-11 Certificate of Achievement Program Reviews (PDFs)

Administration of Justice Business Information Tech Computer Information Systems   Dental Assisting Hospitality Management Journalism Photography Product Design


Accounting Digital Media Fashion Library Technology Paralegal Studies


Cosmetology Culinary Arts Business Biological Technology Medical Assisting


 Radiologic Technology               Graphic Communication        

Transfer/Disciplines- TBD by IEC

The Student and Learning Services area will review programs based on:

Enrollment Services - Scheduled review begins in Fall 2011

Student Support Services - Scheduled review begins in Spring 2012

Learning Assistance - Scheduled review begins in Spring 2012

Engagement - Scheduled review begins in Summer 2012

Goal Achievement and Exiting the College - Scheduled review begins in Fall 2012