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Policies and Procedures

These are the official policies and procedures for Pasadena City College. When policies or procedures change, these pages will be updated. Therefore, before citing a college policy or procedure, it is strongly recommended that this site be reviewed for the most current version.

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Policy Number Policy Title
0200 College Mission
Board of Trustees
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1000 Governing Board Powers and Duties: Definitions
1010 Organization: Trustee Areas, Board Composition, Vacancies
1020 Organization: Election/Terms
1030 Student Trustee
1040 Orientation of New Board Members
1100 Officers
1110 Powers and Duties of the Officers of the Board
1120 Officers of the Board: Delegation of Presidential Duties
1200 Types of Meetings; Brown Act Compliance
1205 Annual Organizational Meeting
1210 Regular Meetings
1215 Special Meetings
1220 Emergency Meetings
1225 Closed Sessions
1230 Adjourned Meetings
1240 Agenda for Meetings
1250 Meetings: Recommended Order of Business
1260 Meetings: Quorum and Voting
1270 Meetings: Representation by Shared Governance Groups
1280 Meetings: Parliamentary Procedure
1290 Meetings: Audience
1300 Meetings: Suspension of the Rules/Amendments/ Additions/Appeals of Policies, Rules and Regulations
1320 Minutes of Meetings
1400 General Authority, Restrictions, and Reports: Adoption of Bylaws/Board Authority
1410 Roles of Board, Superintendent/President, College Community, and Public
1420 Resolutions by the Board/ Board Action on Legislative Issues
1430 Authority Only as a Board
1440 Staff Reports
1450 Trustees’ Code of Ethics (Including Student Trustee)
1460 Community Relations
1480 Conflict of Interest Codes
1490 Board Self-Assessment
1600 Powers and Duties: Authorized Signatures
1610 Powers and Duties: General
1620 Authority of the Board Delegated to the Superintendent/President
1630 Auditing District Accounts
1640 Tendering and Accepting Gifts for the District
1650 Meeting and Negotiation in Public Education
1660 Collective Bargaining: Public Notice Procedure Relating to Meeting and Negotiating under the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA)
1670 Advisory Representatives to the Board
1680 Evaluation of the Performance of the Superintendent/President
1690 Selection of the Superintendent/President
1800 Trustee Areas
1810 Miscellaneous: Compensation
1820 Miscellaneous: Conference Attendance
1830 Miscellaneous: Travel Expense
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2000 Shared Governance
2100 Planning Process
2120 Process for Institutional Accreditation
2200 Sexual Harassment
2230 Disability Discrimination
2300 Academic Calendar
2400 Public Records
2415 Records Retention and Destruction
2450 Radio Station KPCC-FM Mission
2500 Professional Ethics of Management
2520 Professional Ethics of Classified Staff
2530 Naming of District Facilities
2540 Acquisition of Public Art for the PCC Boone Sculpture Garden
2560 Institutional Effectiveness
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3100 Academic Freedom
3110 Professional Ethics of Faculty
3200 Curriculum Development, Adoption, and Review
3210 Program Discontinuance
3220 Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Advisories on Recommended
3230 Distance Education
3240 Student Field Trips and Excursions
3600 Advisory Committees for Career and Technical Education Programs
3800 Community Services Programs/ Extended Learning
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4000 Admissions and Concurrent Enrollment
4005 Admission of International Students
4010 Student Records and Directory Information
4012 Withholding of Student Records
4020 Enrollment Priorities
4023 Nonresident Tuition
4025 Enrollment and Attendance in Classes
4027 Attendance Accounting
4030 Residence Determination
4040 Study Load Limitations
4050 Standards of Scholarship
4051 Grade Appeal
4055 Course Repetition
4060 Degrees, Certificates, and Transfer Certifications
4062 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education
4070 Probation, Disqualification, and Readmission
4071 Auditing and Auditing Fees
4080 Academic Renewal
4090 Recognition for Student Achievement
4100 Counseling and Guidance
4110 Transfer Services
4115 Articulation
4117 College Credit for Articulated High School Courses
4130 Matriculation
4200 Assessment Services
4300 Student Health Services and Psychological Services
4320 Disabled Students Programs and Services
4330 Learning Assistance
4410 Financial Aid and Scholarships
4420 Extended Opportunity Programs & Services
4520 Student Conduct and Academic Honesty
4600 Student Organizations
4630 Student Service Fund
4800 Athletics
4900 Commencement Speaker
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5050 Risk Management
5250 Professional Conference Attendance
5280 Location of District Workshops/Retreats
5350 Privacy, Security and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
5570 Traffic and Parking
5575 Smoking on Campus
5650 Investments
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6000 Nondiscrimination
6005 Affirmative Action
6010 Health Standards and Tuberculosis Test
6022 Conflicts of Interest Arising from Consensual Relationships
6050 Employee Exchange
6150 Part-time Faculty Hiring
6100 Faculty Hiring
Classified Hiring Policy
Administrator Hiring Policy
Performance Evaluation of Administrators
Employee Clearance Policy