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The mission of the Institutional Planning and Research Office (IPRO) is to improve the quality of the college by supporting the institutional mission of successful student learning through high-quality and academically rigorous programs. The Unit contributes to improving the quality of the college by coordinating the college's planning and accreditation processes, assisting college constituents with program evaluation, and providing data to support decision-making.

The mission of each program is listed below.

The Mission of:

The mission of the Accreditation Program is to improve the quality of the college and to serve the entire college community by coordinating the college's accreditation process. Therefore, this program's mission supports the college's mission of academic excellence.

The mission of the Planning Program is to develop and coordinate an ongoing systematic and integrated planning process that engages college constituents in evaluation, goal setting, resource distribution, and re-evaluation to ensure that the college mission guides decision-making to improve student learning.

Policies and Procedures
The Policies and Procedures Program supports the college's mission of pursuing successful student learning by collegially developing and making public the policies and practices by which the college operates.

The mission of the Research Program is to conduct research to improve student learning and to increase institutional effectiveness for all constituents at the college. The Program strives to fully integrate research into the college planning processes by institutionalizing the concept and practice of evaluation, accountability, and outcome measurement.