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Enrollment Snapshots

The Enrollment Snapshots provide a summary of enrollment for each term at different dates before and after the start of the year. It also compares enrollment for the current term to last years term.  This site contains five years worth of snapshots for each main term and the two intersessions.  If you would like to see snaphsots for years prior to those presented please stop by the IPRO office in C-241.

Click on the document to view or download a copy.


Fall terms
Spring terms
   Fall 10 to Fall 11 (pdf)  Spring 11 to Spring 12(pdf)
   Fall 09 to Fall 10(pdf)   Spring 10 to Spring 11(pdf)
   Fall 08 to Fall 09(pdf)   Spring 09 to Spring 10(pdf)
Fall 07 to Fall 08 (pdf)   Spring 08 to Spring 09(pdf)
Fall 06 to Fall 07 (pdf) Spring 07 to Spring 08 (pdf)
Fall 05 to Fall 06 (pdf) Spring 06 to Spring 07 (pdf)


Summer terms
Winter terms
Summer11 to Summer 12(pdf) Winter 11 to Winter 12(pdf)
Summer 10 to Summer 11 (pdf) Winter 10 to Winter 11(pdf)
Summer 09 to Summer 10(pdf)    Winter 09 to Winter 10(pdf)
Summer 08 to Summer 09(pdf)    Winter 08 to Winter 09(pdf)
  Summer 07 to Summer 08(pdf) Winter 07 to Winter 08(pdf)
Summer 06 to Summer 07 (pdf) Winter 06 to Winter 07(pdf)
Summer 05 to Summer 06 (pdf) Winter 05 to Winter 06(pdf)