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Research Findings

A Research Finding is a brief summary of recent research, survey, or other information of interest to the campus. The following are issues produced by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (formerly IPRO). Below you will find a short description of the Finding and a link to the full PDF version. If you have any questions please stop by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness in C-221 or call 626-585-3290.

Issue Research Findings
39 StudentTracker Postsecondary Completions (pdf) Research Finding #39 comes from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) and is a pilot report that tracks a cohort of PCC students for 6 years and benchmarks their rate of completion against a national rate. It includes a breakdown of completion by enrollment intensity (full-time, part-time, and mixed).
38 Transfer Degrees (pdf) Research Finding #38 provides an overview and analysis of the Transfer Degrees (ADT) awarded by Pasadena City College during the 2013-2014 Academic Year. PCC lead the state in awarding the ADT degrees.
37 Rosemead(pdf) Research Finding #37 summarizes the results of survey administered to students attending the PCC Rosemead facility The survey was designed to gage student satisfaction with the Rosemead facility and to do a needs assessment.
36 Winter Intersession Analysis(pdf) Research Finding #36 provides an analysis of "The Winter Intersession" essay that was prepared for public comment at the July 2014 Board of Trustees meeting. The analysis refers to some original work done by OIE and our interpretation of the information and the analysis provided in the essay.
35 Research Finding #35(pdf) provides highlights for the Fall 2012 Annual Student survey. Of particular note in the Fall 2012 survey is the sense community scale.
34 Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) (pdf) A longitudinal analysis of the college's participation in the CCSSE.
33 2013 Chancellor's Office Scorecard Report(pdf) The 2013 PCC Scorecard report replaces the PCC ARCC report. Scorecard metrics can now be disaggregated by student demographics.
32 An Analysis of the Efficacy Winter Intersession(pdf) There have been many statements made about the efficacy of the winter intersession at PCC. This research finding explores success, retention, persistence and completion rates associated with winter and the full academic year.
31 Pasadena City College Student Athletes-Educational Outcomes.  (pdf)  Comparison analysis of PCC athletes and statewide athletes.
30 Educational Achievements from the Fall 2004 Cohort: Six Years in the Making(pdf) Six year look at discoverable achievements of a cohort of Fall 2004 first time students at PCC.
29 2009 Campus Technology Survey - Students(pdf) In Fall of 2009 a revised Campus Technology Survey was distributed to students via email.  This Research Finding looks at some of the difference between the 2006 survey and the revised 2009 survey.

2009 General Educaton Outcomes: How PCC effects Students' Knowledge, Skills and Abilities(pdf).  PCC identified five GEOs that classify the types of knowledge and skills PCC seeks to instill in its students.

27 Fall 2009 Faculty Technology Survey-Training, Support, and Equipment - Part 1 of a Series(pdf).  This Research Finding looks at the results of an online survey that was sent to 822 faculty members asking questions about their use and satisfaction with various technology.
26 Students Are Making Faster Progress Toward Transfer (pdf)  This Research Finding looks at first-time college students who indicated they were interested in transferring by declaring an education goal of transfer on their application or in conversation with a counselor.
25 Basic Skills Students at Pasadena City College(pdf)  In the comunity college context, basic skills students, as defined by the state, are those whose math and/or English skills are more than one level below transfer.
24 Employees' Perceptions about the Planning Process, College's Mission, Accreditation Standards, and Areas Needing Improvement(pdf) To identify the changes over time, the results of both surveys, Spring 2005 and Spring 2007, are presented.

Employees' Perceptions about Working at PCC, the College's Mission, Advancement Opportunities, Staff Develpment Activities, and the Shared Governance Process(pdf)
To identify the changes over time, the results of both survey
s, Spring 2005 and Spring 2007, are presented.

22 Employee Development  This survey was designed to elicit the needs of the employees on this campus in regards to education and career development.

Overall Campus Climate at PCC(pdf) This issue presents a brief overview and highlights of the survey findings on the overall climate of the College.


Usage of and Satisfaction with Online Services and Computer Systems(pdf) This survey asked students and employees questions about their usage of and satisfaction with online services and computer systems.

19 Technology Training, Support, and Equipment(pdf)
This issue presents a brief overview and highlights of the survey findings about technology training, support, and equipment.
18 Use of Technology in the Classrooms and Computer Labs September 2007 (pdf)
This issue presents a brief overview and highlights of the survey findings about the use of technology in the classroom and computer labs.
17 Accountability Reporting for Community Colleges (ARCC) June 2007(pdf) This issue explains PCC's performance on the seven ARCC indicators.
16 Student and Employee Campus Technology Surveys - Computer Skills and Access April 2007 (pdf) A brief overview and highlights of the survey findings.
15a Counseling 10 March 2007(pdf) Looks at first time college students who took Counseling 10.
15 Partnership for Excellence November 2005(pdf) Summarizes the progress PCC has made on each of the PFE goals as of the end of 2003-04.
14 Arrivals at Other Colleges September 2005(pdf) Looks at students who attended PCC and then had their initial enrollment at another college.

Focus on Increasing Students Understanding of Subject Matter February 2005 (pdf)
Summarizes what activities students thought would increase their understanding of the subject matter in their classes.


Focus on Partnership for Excellence September 2004(pdf) Summarizes the progress PCC has made on each of the PFE goals.


Focus on Student Engagement December 2003 (pdf) Summarizes the impact of class engagement on student outcomes.


Focus on Partnership for Excellence Progress June 2003(pdf) Summarizes the progress PCC has made on each of the PFE goals.


Focus on Barriers to Educational Goal and Support Services April 2003 (pdf)
Examines students self-reported barriers to their educational goal and their usage and satisfaction of support services by ethnicity.


Focus on Transfers, Degrees, and Certificates in 2001-2002 February 2003 (pdf)
Examines the number of transfers, degrees, and certificates from 1997-98 to 2001-02.


Focus on Changes in Ethnicity at PCC December 2002 (pdf) Examines the numbers and proportions of all ethnic groups, the changes that have occurred in the ethnic makeup of the entire district, and the college’s participation rates by ethnicity.


Focus on Term to Term Persistence for First-time College Students November 2002 (pdf)
Summarizes the relationship between persistence and student enrollment in ESL, English, and/or Math courses.


Focus on Campus to Community Service Learning Project October 2002 (pdf)
Summarizes the positive impact that Service Learning has on student success, retention, and persistence.


Focus on Characteristics of New Divisions at PCC September 2002 (pdf) Summarizes demographic and success rate data of the college and the newly realigned divisions.


Focus on Differences Between First-time College Students and Continuing Students August 2002 (pdf) Summarizes the academic differences between first-time college students and continuing credit students.


Focus on Class Engagement July 2002 (pdf) Summarizes the relationship between class engagement, ethnicity, and grades.


Focus on Partnership for Excellence June 2002 (pdf)
Summarizes the progress PCC has made on each of the PFE goals.

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