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General Education Assessment Pilot Project

Coconino Community College's general education learning outcomes and college courses that cover them, and a description of how the college has CAAP exams in reading and writing, with SWOT analysis.

Assessment Plan/Progress Report For Curriculum Outcomes AssessmentThis document Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Isothermal Community College's student learning outcomes and rubrics with 1-4 scale in 1. Communications (reading, writing, speaking, listening), 2. Information Literacy, 3. Problem solving, 4. Interpersonal Skills, 5. Quantitative Skills, and 6. Cognitive Skills.

Summary of Two Years of CAAP AssessmentThis document Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

College of DuPage's comparisons to national norms on 6 tests (writing, reading, math, critical thinking, science reasoning, essay) and student self-reports on progress in three other general education areas: understanding and appreciating culture, understanding and appreciating environment, and developing a system of personal values.

Benchmark for Core Skill

Palomar College's six general education competency sets: Communication, Cognition, Information Competency, Social Interaction, Aesthetic Responsiveness, Personal Development and Responsibility, and demonstrated competencies in three categories: Beginner, Developing, and Accomplished.

A Program Guide for Outcomes Assessment at Geneva CollegeThis document Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Geneva College's good examples of writing measurable outcomes.

Assessment PrimerThis document Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

The FLAG Project is a guide stressing deep learning by connecting curriculum, instruction and assessment (CIA), particularly strong on matching goal with assessment tool.

Grading Standards: Written Work for "The Living Environment" BIOL111

A rubric for writing in Biology from Southern Illinois University (A-F with definitions).

Student Participation Assessment and Evaluation

A rubric with 4-point scales: frequently, occasionally, seldom, and almost never, are used.

Using Scoring RubricsThis document Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

A summary of what are rubrics, how to create them, and how to use them from CSU Fresno.

Assessing Modeling Projects in Calculus and Precalculus

A math project problem with two scoring rubrics from C. E. Emenaker of the University of Cincinnati.

Classroom Assessment: A Manual for Faculty DevelopersThis document Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

National Council for Staff, Program, and Organizational Development (NBCSPOP), a step-by-step manual for putting on a CATs workshop.

Conceptual Questions (CQs): Chemical Concepts Inventory

The Journal of Chemical Education, a 22 question nationally-normed multiple-choice test on basic chemistry concepts.

Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide

The FLAG Project, good examples (problems, tests, surveys) in science, math, engineering, and technology.

Course Embedded Assessment Process

Larry Kelley, University of Louisiana, Monroe, a summary of course-embedded assessment, examples of ten program assessment plans, basics of rubrics, and several rubric templates.

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