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African American History

African American History

Tom Kelly AMS Pres.II '47

...they didn't play.

PJC's well mannered student body got up on its ear just once since January. When it did, three tardy and famous negro boys were the cause of a near riot. On January 9, the King Cole Trio was hired to apear in assembly. On January 9, three minutes before assembly drew to a close, the Trio arrived, 55 minutes late. Bells jangled. Students were supposed to hop off to classes. Not a one stirred. Five minutes later Sexson Auditorium was still full of waiting students. Tension rose when King Cole and the boys came before the curtain to plead for permission to play. Shouts and clapping reechoed through the big room. But Principal John Harbeson walked cooly on stage, told students to go to classes. Grudgingly they did.

1941 Campus

Rufus W. Blake Jr. Senior Council, Lancer, Pep commission, Varsity track and "a swell guy"

from 1942 Campus

Top row-left to right: Augustus Shaw, Marie Savaletta, Walter Worrill, Louistine Lewis, Isabell Williams. Second row: Rosa Perdue, Calvin Martin, Harriett Jones, Marvin Wright, Barbara Gordon, Claude Joiner, John Simmons. Front row: Evelyn Aldridge, Kenneth Austin, Ruth Hollins, Mack Robinson, Anthony Moreland, John Callier, Cora Holmes.

Armulites - closely knit students with common interests into one unit.

President John Simmons
Vice-President Walter Worrill
Secretary Barbara Gordon
Treasurer, Kenneth Austin
Adviser J. P. O'Mara

1936 Campus

First row, left to right: J. H Clayton, Rebie Winfrey, Norma Owens, Jack Gordon, Margaret Smith, Milton Simons. Second row: John Bryant, Willajane Perkins, Marietta Owens, Lauretta Williams, Roscoe Jonez. Third row: Burch Cahrin, Fred Valentine, Larry Pickens, Fred Turner, Guy Evans.

Armulites - Made up of the Negro students of the junior college this group is directing its efforts to further a more cooperative and friendly attitude between the administration and the general student body, and to render aid and assistance to group, community and civic enterprises. It seeks to enlighten today's youth on the problems it will have to face in future years. This group also has many social activities during the year.

1938 Campus

First row, left to right: Halle Huff, Mary Scott, Ulysses Allen (President), Klara Huff, Elnora Neal second row: Anita Gordon, Cleo Allen, Lillian Edwards, Jack Gordon, Wyoline Boaker, Juanita Caruthers, Dorothy Perry third row: Laura Pendely, Sy Irwin, Tom Mclurkin, Barbara Reynolds, Nella Desuze, William Mclurkin, Carnell Jackson fourth row: Muriel Simon, Wesley Glass, Wilbert Fisher, Arthur Calmer, Reynard Cummins, Milton Simon

Armulites - In order to create fellowship and friendship among Negro students in the college, the Armulite Club was established. This group strives to inspire interest in the maintenance of good scholastic records and to urge more active participation in extracurricular affairs. A young man or woman enrolled in the twelfth grade or in Upper Division may become an active member. Freshmen students may become inactive members. The club holds its own dances and social activities of which there were many.

1940 Campus

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