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These are some of the most renown PCC Alumni. We know there are many, many other talented, famous, brilliant PCC Alumnae out there. Are you one? Do you know of others? E-mail information to the Alumni Association today!

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"On every field of glory triumph,
Alma Mater dear,
fair Pasadena all hail! All hail!

Michael Anthony, Rock and Roll Star -1972

Octavia Butler, Award Winning Science Fiction Writer - 1968

John Chaplin, Chair-Men’s Olympic USA Track and Field – PCC 1959

Dennis Cooper, Novelist & Poet - 1972

Michael Cooper, LA Sparks Head Coach - 1976

Clive Cussler, Novelist - 1949-51

Michael Dorn, Actor, director - 1972

Donald Engen, Former Executive Director of Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - 1943

Jaime Escalante, Teacher - 1971

Herbert Hoover-III, Chairman of the Board, Hoover Institute -1946

Howard G. Kazanjian, Producer - 1960

Joyce Kennard, State Supreme Court Justice - 1970

Pierre Koenig, Noted architect - 1946-1948

Donald Kulby, Former President of Pasadena Art Center - 1935 - 1938

Jack Larson, Playright, Composer, Actor (aka: Jimmy Olson) - 1948

Kenny Loggins, Singer /Songwriter - 1967- 1968

Bob Mackie, Fashion Designer - 1972

Bruce Merrifield, Nobel Prize Winning Chemist - 1939

Dennis Muren, Visual Effects Wizard

Nick Nolte, Actor - 1961

Irv Noren, Major League Baseball player and coach - 1942-1945

Dick Ratliff, President of the Tournament of Roses - 1957

George Reeves, Actor (aka: Superman) - 1934

Jackie Robinson, Baseball legend - 1939

David Lee Roth, Rock and Roll Star -

Nathaniel Rosen, Cellist - 1967

Tex Schramm, Mastermind of the Dallas Cowboys and NFL Hall of Famer - PJC 1938-1939

Lawrence Kiyoshi Shinoda - 1950

John Singleton, Filmmaker - 1985

Jerry Tarkanian, UNLV Basketball Coach - 1947

Kevin Tighe, Actor - 1963

Eddie Van Halen, Rock and Roll Star - 1974

John Van De Kamp, Former CA. State Attorney General - PCC 1952

Verne Winchell, Established Winchell's Doughnuts - 1934

Donald Wright, Former Chief Justice, California Supreme Court -1925

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