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Bob Mackie


Bob Mackie has been designing costumes for films, Broadway and television for more than twenty years. His scene-stealing fashions for stars like Carol Burnett, Cher, Brooke Shields, Diana Ross, and others are legendary winning him five Emmy Awards and three Oscar nominations.

And the last few years he has added another area of expertise designing for dolls. Not just any doll, but the definitive fashion doll, Barbie. Designing came naturally to Mackie. From the age of five, he entertained himself by drawing his mother and sister in elaborate costumes. Later, he used cardboard and a flashlight to create illuminated stage sets and, in high school, he worked on school plays. After high school, he majored in advertising art and illustration at Pasadena City College. While there, he won a scholarship to the Chouinard Art Institute, where he earned a degree in costume design.

After graduation, Mackie began working with top film costume designers Jean Louis and Edith Head. In the 1960s, he was hired by Ray Aghayan, head designer for the Judv Garland Show on CBS. From then on, Mackie created costumes for a wide range of television shows and specials.

In 1982, Bob Mackie established a ready-to-wear company called Bob Mackie Originals, and the Mackie magic was translated into glamorous clothes for trendsetters across America. Recently Mackie has returned to the stage, both on Broadway and in Los Angeles, designing exciting costumes for a variety of different shows. He's a multimedia, multifaceted designer with a mission: Hearing every woman say, "I look sensational."

  • Bob Mackie's costume sketch for George as Cyrano.
    Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

  • Bob Mackie's costume sketch for Charlotte as Roxanne.
    Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

  • Bob Mackie's costume sketch for Charlotte.
    Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

  • Bob Mackie's costume sketch for Charlotte.
    Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

  • Bob Mackie's costume sketch for Charlotte as Amanda.
    Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

L.L. Knickerbockers
The Bob Mackie Legendary Beauty Collection

The Fragrance

An effervescent sparkle, vibrant floralcy, and sensual warmth.
Perhaps is a sophisticated floral that opens with a unique sparkling accord. The effervescence of Champagne combined with Orange and Peach invite a playful freshness to the fragrance.
As the scent unfolds, exotic Jasmine, Rose de Mai and Freesia compose the vibrant floral bouquet as the sensual warmth of Amber, Sandalwood and Blonde Woods enrich the elegant background.
Perhaps... an inviting experience.

(Costume Design)

Bob Mackie has been designing costumes for films, Broadway and TV for three decades. The Mackie magic has won him six Emmy Awards and three Oscar nominations for Lady Sings the Blues, Funny Lady and Pennies From Heaven.

On Broadway, his credits include On the Town with Bernadette Peters, Lorelei with Carol Channing, Platinum with Alexis Smith, The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public with Dee Hoty and the television versions of "Kismet," "Brigadoon," "Carousel" and the acclaimed "Gypsy" with Bette Midler.

Mackie's television work includes designs for Diana Ross, Mitzi Gaynor, Julie Andrews, Cher, Ann- Margret, Diahann Carrol, Raquel Welch, Angela Landsbury, and, of course, 11 years with "The Carol Burnett Show."  

Bob Mackie is the long-time master of TV fashion and Oscarwear. He dressed Diana Ross. He dressed Carol Burnett. He dresses Cher--when she wears clothes.

WHY I'M BOB: Because of an older "cousin Robert," I became "little Bobby." When I was about 13 a more sophisticated "Bob" seemed more appropriate. Later on, after seeing my first screen credit as Robert Mackie, I quickly decided that Bob was less pretentious.

WHAT BEING BOB MEANS: Bob is a funny word or name and hopefully it conveys that I don't take myself all that seriously.

MY GREAT WEEKEND: Hanging out with my dogs, good friends and plenty of good food.

I'M HANDY AT ... : What?.


MY HELL ON EARTH: New York City in August.

WHOM I TRUST AND DISTRUST: Trust: old best friends. Don't trust: new people who insist they're my best friends.

MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW ABOUT WOMEN: Do they wear pantyhose or a garter belt?.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: clock, lamp, cookies, milk.

TIME ON MY HAIR/MY LOOK: Two minutes/Youthful indifference.

COMFORTWEAR: Sweatshirt, khakis, Bass Weegins with white socks.

BOYHOOD DREAM: I wanted to be Gene Kelly -- I readjusted!.

FREE ADVICE: Don't bullshit!


BOOK: Gone With The Wind, read at age 15.

MOVIE: Singing In The Rain, seen at age 12.

TV SHOW: Masterpiece Theater.

MAGAZINE: Life Magazine in the 1940s and 50s.


CAR: Mercedes.

AFTERSHAVE: never use it.

SPORT: sleeping.

SANDWICH: hot dog with mustard and relish.

DRINK: vodka martini.

NEWS ANCHOR: Tom Brokaw.


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