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Ad Hoc Town Hall Committee

The town hall committee was created and approved by the Academic Senate to organize a series of town hall meetings to bridge communication and increase feedback between the faculty, community and Board of Trustees.

Rationale (from ACCJC Standards

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) recommends:

A college-wide dialogue that integrates the elements of the Standards provides the complete view of the institution that is needed to verify integrity and to promote quality and improvement.

From Standard IV Shared Governance:

  • The institution recognizes that ethical and effective leadership throughout the organization enables the institution to identify institutional values, set and achieve goals, learn, and improve.
  • Through established governance structures, processes and practices, the governing board, administrators, faculty, staff, and students work together for the good of the institution. These processes facilitate discussion of ideas and effective communication among the institution's constituencies.

PCC's Mission Critical Priorities and Strategies

  • F1. Institutional Effectiveness:
  • F3. Promote trust and transparency in decision-making at all levels.
  • F6. Strengthen community and alumni partnerships.
  • F7. Engage the PCC Board of Trustees in community outreach in support of constituent needs and student success.
  • F9. Review shared governance process to determine what improvements can be made to support effective decisions making.
  • F9.1 Support shared governance stakeholders in their leadership roles and responsibilities.


Correspondence with Board Town Hall #1-2:

PDF2013-2014 Town Hall Committee Communications with Board of Trustees

Town Hall - Fall 2013:

Community responses to survey available on request.

Town Hall - Spring 2014:

PDFTown Hall Survey - Spring 2014

PDFTown Hall Survey stats/ results - Spring 2014

PDFSuggested solutions from Town Hall Survey, by faculty/staff - Spring 2014

PDFComparison of Town Hall Survey 2014 and Campus Climate Survey 2010

PDFCampus Climate Survey 2010



PDFMutual Agreement/Collegial Consultation

PDFVarious realignment organization charts 2012-2014 (from Task Team to Board- approved), excerpts

PDFKnow Before You Go

Town Hall Video

PDFTown Hall Video Summary


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