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Operational Committees

The Academic Senate shall establish the following Operational Committees for the purpose of performing the academic and professional duties and responsibilities of the Senate:


Function: Responsible to the Senate Board for the evaluation and recommendation of academic change of rank.

Representative Phone Division Room
Patricia Lynn, Chair 7031 Business & Computer Technology R201
Saeed Abedzadeh 7274 Engineering & Technology IT200
Michelle Banks 3148 English (on sabbatical) C245
Ahni Dodge 7346 Business & Comuptuer Technology R201
Janis Dwyer 7890 Counseling L104
Lori Gagliardi 7542 Health Sciences R508
Pat Peach 7849 Mathematics R322


Function: To make decisions on matters of equivalency to the minimum standards for hiring of faculty. The duties of the Equivalency shall be to make final determinations of equivalency and to oversee the equivalency procedure as it is conducted across the campus.

Representative Phone Division Room
Chair: Eduardo A. Cairó 7952 Social Sciences C321
Regina Cooper 7466 EOPS L107
Michelle Ireland-Galman 7407 Social Sciences C321
Rebecca Morris 7638 VAMS R118
Keith Oberlander 7482 Mathematics R322
Academic Senate President (ex officio) 7952 Academic Senate Office C227


Function: To implement actions taken by the Academic Senate board, act on behalf of the Academic Senate during the summer months when the Senate is not in session, transact business, and perform other functions consistent with the intent, purposes, and provisions of the Bylaws and Senate Rules. 

Representative Phone Division Room
Eduardo A. Cairo, President 7745 Social Sciences C321
Kris Pilon, Vice-President 7308 CTE: Business & Computer Technology IT200
Pat Rose, Secretary 7214 English C245
Manny Perea, Treasurer 7496 English C245


Function: To select and recommend to the Academic Senate Board the recipient(s) of the Senate Scholarship Awards.  The Committee shall review and screen all applications to ensure that they meet the criteria outlined in Article 7.3 of the Academic Senate Bylaws, and may, at its discretion, interview all qualified applicants.

Representative Phone Division Room
Chair: Angela McGaharn 7213 Languages C247
Debra Bronstein 3249 English C245
Peter Castro 7013 Natural Sciences SV6
Padma Ganapathi 7141 Natural Sciences SV6
Xiaodan Leng 7143 Mathematics C325
Andrea Murray 3365 Social Sciences C321
Maria Pehlivanova 7663 Languages C247
Paula Smith 3143 Health Sciences CECB6


Function: To make decisions concerning Flex Day activities and other staff development functions and directions.

Representative Phone Division Room
Chair: Pat Rose 7214 English C245
James Aragon 7897 Counseling L104
Lauren Arenson 7736 Social Sciences C321
Susan Bower 7167 Natural Sciences SV6
Karen Carlisi 7153 Languages C247
Peter Cross 7140 Math & Sciences SV6
Tammy Knott Silva 7786 Mathematics R322


Function: The Mission of the Learning Assessment Committee is to improve student outcomes by supporting teaching and learning through a review of learning outcome assessment activities at the course, program, and general education level. The Committee will serve as a resource to all stakeholders (faculty, staff, managers, and students) and communicate the relevance and results of assessment activities.

Representative Phone Division Room
Chair: Matthew Henes
7456 Mathematics R322
Gia Gambaro Blount 3000 CEC CEC
Carla Christensen 3061 Health Sciences B7
Krista Goguen 7832 Library Library
Melissa Harman 7490 Science and Math SV7B
Barbara Naylor 7215 Visual, Media & Performing Arts CA102
Tracy Sachtjen 3279 Social Sciences C321
Lynell Wiggins 7530 Counseling IT200
Melanie Willhide 7286 Visual, Media & Performing Arts R118


Function: To recommend to the Academic Senate Board the procedures for nominating and electing officers; oversee the election, and report the results to the Academic Senate Board for ratification.

Representative Phone Division Room
Chair: Nancy Rutzen 3299 Languages C247
Rita D'Amico 7478 Languages C247
Gloria Horton 7656 English C245


Function: To choose the current Ralph Story Service Award winner(s) from among the nominations. (Committee members must be former recipients of the Ralph Story Award and  be on campus as teaching faculty)

Representative Phone Division Room
Co-Chair: Janis S. Dwyer 7890 Counseling L104
Co-Chair: Michelle Ireland Galman 7407 Social Sciences C321
Lauren Arenson 7736 Social Sciences C321
Yoshiko Yamato 7458 Mathematics R325
Krista Goguen 7832 Library LL
Beverly Tate 7653 English C245
Russell Di Fiori 7176 Natural Sciences SV6
Consultant-Historian Jane Hallinger 7371 English C245
Consultant-Historian Harry Kawahara      


Function: To recommend to the Superintendent/President of the college the names of the faculty members submitting acceptable plans for such leave and therefore eligible for consideration by the District.

Representative Phone Division Room

Chair: Pat Peach

7849 Mathematics R322
Cecile Davis Anderson 7618 Counseling L104
Angela Estada-Ceballos 3121 Mathematics R322
Amy Ulmer 7027 English C245
James Arnwine 7198 Performing and Communication Arts C121