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Standing Committees

The Academic Senate shall establish the following Standing Committees for the purpose of investigating issues of either a legislative or academic and professional nature, and providing recommendations for the Academic Senate Board’s consideration.


Function: To address issues for concern to part-time faculty.

Representative Phone Division
Chair: Mark Dodge 7248 Social Sciences
Cheryl Beard 3264 Social Sciences
Dwane Christensen 7331 Mathematics
Beville D. Constantine 7216 Performing & Communication Arts
Nick Hatch 7140 Natural Sciences
Melissa Michelson 7093 Languages
Alexis Moore 7371 Visual Media and Performing Arts
Lynora Rogacs 7248 Social Sciences
Preston Rose 7371 English
Erika Ruvell 7267 CTE:  Business - Graphics, E & T
Priya Venkatesan 3378 Natural Sciences


Function: To study various configurations of the academic calendar and to make recommendations thereon to the Academic Senate Board

Representative Phone Division  
Chair: Valerie Foster 7952 Natural Sciences  
Debra Folsom 7160 Natural Sciences  
Angela McGaharn 7213 Languages  
Melissa Michelson 7093 Languages  



Function:  To ensure commnicationamong departments and share resources regarding vocational education at the local, state, and national levels; integrate vocational education into the college curriculum and community; address issues and emerging rends to support the college philosophy, mission and goals,and assist inthe institutional planning; and to promote student success in completion of vocational educational course work with an emphasis on business and industry needs. 

Lynell Wiggins 7530 Health Sciences
Arineh Arzoumanian 7149 BET: Engineering
Theresa Cummings 7341 BET: Business
Lori Gagliardi 7542 Health Sciences



Function: To recommend a Code of Ethics; to recommend policies related to academic freedom and other rights and responsibilities of the faculty; to promote understanding and adherence to such policies and such Code of Ethics as may be adopted by the Senate; to recommend for Senate approval a set of written procedures for hearing and investigating any complaints, alleged violations of Senate policies such as those on academic freedom or ethics, and any other personnel problem involving College faculty which may be referred to it;  to hear or investigate any such cases brought to its attention by a member of the College faculty, by a member of the Board of Trustees, or by a community member;  and, to publish reports under circumstances considered warranted by the Committee, about results of hearings or investigations.

Representative Phone Division  
Chair: Carol Curtis 7328 Languages  
Ahni D. Dodge 7346 Business  
Edward Feser 3206 Social Sciences  
Daniel B. Gallup 7314 Mathematics  
Linda Handelman 7406 Social Sciences  
Gloria Horton 7856 English  
Martha House 7026 Natural Sciences  
Wendy Lucko 7245 Engineering  
Rikki Magee 779 Performing/Communication Arts  
Dan Meier 7422 English  
Robert Oventile 7646 English  
Lynora Rogacs 7248 Social Sciences  
Mark Whitworth 7671 VMPA  


Function: Established at the Academic Senate Board meeting on September 17, 1998, to research and discuss issues of an academic and professional nature, and to develop recommendations for new and revised college polices and procedures in the following areas:

  • Academic Standards     
  • Program Review
  • Grading
  • Course Enrollment Management
  • Classroom Behavior Management
  • Educational Program Changes
  • Record Keeping and Forms
  • Textbooks
Representative Phone Division Room
Chair: Lauren Arenson 7736 Social Sciences C321
Bucky Bhadha 3362 Social Sciences C321
Regina Cooper 7466 EOPS  
Jorge Encinas 3128 Mathematics R322
Sandy Haynes 7621 VMPA CA002
Gloria Horton 7656 English C245
Michael McClellan 7814 Counseling L104
Patricia Michel 7331 Mathematics R322



Function: To review faculty technology needs; to review the campus technology plan; and to make recommendations regarding campus technology issues impacting faculty

Representative Phone Division  
Chair: Open ______________      
Sharok Bastani 7744 Social Sciences  
Sarah Baker 7216 PAC Division  
Dan Cole 3171 PAC Division  
Dave Evans 7630 Business & CT  
Jason Huh 7506 Business & CT  
Jerry Graves 7623 Visual Arts & Media  
Darcy Mack 3245 Natural Sciences  
Melissa Michelson 7093 Languages  
Terry Stoddard 7785 Kinesiology, Health and Athletics  
Chris Strinden 7172 Mathematics  
Zoe Wu 3264 Languages  
Asher Shaman 3089 Mathematics  



Function: Implementation of the shared governance legislation under Assembly Bill 1725/Title 5 (Chapter 93, dated 1988); Policies related to the selection and equivalency of teaching personnel; and Procedures for faculty participation in the implementation of the recommended policies.

Representative Phone Division  
Chair: Martha Bonilla 7080 English  
James Aragon 7897 Counseling  
Danny E. Hamman ____ CEC  
Gloria Horton 7656 English  
Michelle Ingram 7811 Mathematics  
Derek Milne 3238 Social Sciences  
Donna Nordstrom 7208 Mathematics  
Ana Ogaz 3042 Counseling  
Steve Pell 3270 Languages  
Lynn Wright 3047 Instruction  
Sonia Kay Wurst 7353 Business & CT  


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