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Distance Education Committee

The mission of the Distance Education Committee is to develop policies and promote practices that contribute to the quality and growth of distance education at Pasadena City College.

With the understanding that faculty should have the primary responsibility for developing policies and promoting distance education practices, the Committee will support a learner-centered program designed to further student success by making recommendations to the Academic Senate regarding:

  • Curriculum and instruction, evaluation and assessment, technology, accessibility, infrastructure, and academic support services that affect all modes of distance education course delivery.
  • Policy issues that may affect the union contract, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, enrollment, office hours, online course development and management, and technical support.
  • Ongoing faculty development and consistent support in the areas of pedagogy and technology in order to ensure that faculty who teach distance education courses are able to provide high quality learning environments for the students of Pasadena City College.


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Representative Phone Division Room
Chair:     Lauren Arenson 7736 Social Sciences C321
Sharon Bober 3384 Mathematics R322
Andrzej Bojarczak 7145 Languages C247
Shelley Gaskin 7343 Business & CT R201
Valerie C. de Carvalho 7420 Languages C247
Danny Hamman 3021 Social Sciences C321
Xiaodan Lang 7413 Mathematics  
Melissa Michelson 7093 Languages C247
Tammy Knott-Silva 7786 Kinesiology, Health & Athletics GM201
Ekaterini Kottaras 7487 English  
Kirsten Ogden 3193 English C245
Rhea Presiado 7094 Natural Sciences SV6
David Uranga 7750 Social Sciences C321
Claudia Van Corva 7146 Natural Sciences SV6
Alicia Vargas 7551 Business & Computer Technology R201
Sonia Wurst 7353 Business & CT R201
Mark Whitworth 7671 PCA