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Accessibility and the PCC web site

Accessible Features

A skip to contents link is provided on every page. The link will immediately move to the body of the page and bypass the common navigation making navigation more efficient for screen readers or keystroke navigation. The link was given an shortcut "accesskey" (alt + 1 on a PC , command + 1 on a MAC).

Keyboard shortcuts have been added to each page for the common navigation areas and site features:

  • Skip to content - Keyboard Control = alt + 1 on a PC , control + 1 on a MAC
  • Return to PCC Home - Keyboard Control = alt + 2 on a PC , control + 2 on a MAC
  • Search the PCC faculty and staff directory - Keyboard Control = alt + 3 on a PC , control + 3 on a MAC
  • Search the PCC site - Keyboard Control = Keyboard Control = alt + 4 on a PC , control + 4 on a MAC




SERVICE ALERT: PCC will be launching an updated version of this website on Tuesday, June 28, and Wednesday, June 29. During that time, you may notice some changes to content, layout, and functionality of the site, and there may be interruptions in service. We appreciate your patience during the launch, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.