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In 1997, the Pasadena Area Community College District Board of Trustees, after consultation with faculty, students, staff, and managers, approved a Shared Governance policy for Pasadena City College. The Board of Trustees approved Policy 2000, Shared Governance [PDF].

Educational Services is charged with the responsibility of facilitating and supporting the college's Shared Governance process. In an on-going effort to encourage consultation, collegiality, and transparency, Educational Services in collaboration with the college's communications and web teams have created readily accessible links to the College Council and College Council Standing Committees.

For ease of communication and participation in Shared Governance, the published upcoming meetings of various shared governance bodies are included here, along with the Board of Trustee meeting dates. For full meeting schedules, archives of past meetings and other information, please go to the individual shared governance bodies' websites.

Technical Assistance Visit

On Monday, April 14, 2014, Pasadena City College hosted Beth Smith, President of the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges, and Scott Lay, President/CEO of the Community College League of California, to perform a Technical Assistance Visit. The purpose of the Technical Assistance Visit program is to help districts and colleges successfully implement state law and regulations that call for effective participation by faculty, staff and students in district and college governance. This visit is a mechanism for the College to evaluate its participatory governance processes and to make improvements. Members of all constituency groups attended the visit, including members of the Board of Trustees, President Mark Rocha, and leaders from each of the participatory governance groups on campus. Mrs. Smith and Mr. Lay delivered a presentation on participatory governance and answered questions for attendees.

College Council Standing Committees

Accreditation Standing Committee

Accreditation Standing Committee

Facilities & Sustainability Standing Committee

The Facilities & Sustainability Standing Committee shall advise the College Council on matters relating to the development and implementation of the Facilities Master Plan and other facilities-related projects and programs, and non-curricular campus-wide sustainability and environmental issues, in support of the Educational master Plan.

Health and Safety Standing Committee

The Health and Safety Standing Committee shall advise the College Council on matters relating to campus safety, campus parking plans and issues, and risk management in association with the risk management office. The committee shall act as a clearinghouse for individual employee safety suggestions and work to provide a safe and healthful working environment for staff and a safe and healthful environment in which students may learn and study.

Planning and Priorities Standing Committee

The Planning and Priorities Standing Committee will guide the annual strategic planning activities in support of the college's Educational Master Plan and accreditation requirements. Further, the committee will guide the development of the Accreditation Self-Study, Mid-term reports, and any other reporting documents required in support of the accreditation process.

Budget and Resource Allocation Standing Committee

The Budget and Resource Allocation Standing Committee shall advise on matters relating to institutional-wide budget and resource allocation issues as requested by the College Council and guided by the Educational Master Plan.

Calendar Standing Committee

The Calendar Standing Committee shall recommend to the College Council annual college calendars that support the pedagogical and operational needs of students, faculty, and staff within the framework of the negotiated agreements between the collective bargaining units and the District.

Enrollment Management Standing Committee

The Enrollment Management Standing Committee shall inform the College Council on matters relating to course offerings and numbers of sections provided in accordance with planning priorities defined by the Educational Master Plan.

Professional Development Standing Committee

The Professional Development Standing Committee will guide the college's comprehensive professional development program and activities in support of the Educational Master Plan. The focus of the committee will be:

  • New Employee orientation
  • Professional Learning for Classified, Faculty, and Management
  • Recruitment and retention of qualified employees
  • Career ladder activities
  • State & federally mandated training
  • Other college-wide employee training

District Technology Standing Committee

The District Technology Standing Committee shall advise the College Council on matters relating to Technology and Academic Computing in support of the Educational Master Plan.

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