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Looking up your Course SLOs on WebCMS

  1. Go to:

  2. Click on "Staff Services" (top right of screen):

  3. Screenshot of WebCMS

  4. Click on "WebCMS" (mid-way down on left side of screen):
  5. Screenshot of WebCMS

  6. Click "Public Access"

  7. From the "Subject" drop down, select your content area, enter the "Course Number," and click "Search" (note that if your course has an "A" or "B" attached to it, you MUST enter it in the "Course Number" field):

  8. Screenshot of WebCMS

  9. Multiple versions of the course will likely appear on the Search Results screen. Select the version that says "CURRENT" in the "Status" column.

  10. Screenshot of WebCMS

  11. Scroll down to find the Student Learning Outcomes. Select an outcome by clicking and dragging across it. Copy the SLO into the clipboard (Ctrl-C or Edit Menu>Copy).

  12. Paste it as necessary!

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