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Philosophy of General Education

The General Education Requirements guide the student toward an intelligent understanding of the whole self and of the physical and social world. These requirements encourage the student to explore different areas of human inquiry not only to gain a basic understanding of these areas, but also to comprehend and use the principles, methods, values, and thought processes of these disciplines. These explorations include an examination of the physical universe, its life forms and natural phenomena, human behavior, and artistic and creative accomplishments. Basic to these studies and to the student’s effectiveness in society is the capacity to:

  • Think clearly both orally and in writing
  • Perform quantitative functions
  • Find information
  • Examine and evaluate that information critically.

After completing the General Education Requirements, the graduate should have the skills, knowledge, and insights to evaluate and appreciate the physical environment, culture, and society. The student should understand the impact of technical advances and the interdependence of all life forms and societies and have the foundation for a global perspective. The student should know more about his/her own strengths and needs. Above all, the student should have a sense of responsibility toward himself or herself and others.


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