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Admissions and Records

California Residency Requirements - General

The rules concerning residence determination for tuition purposes require:

  1. Be eligible to establish California residency
  2. One year’s physical residence in the state of California, and
  3. Evidence of intent to remain in California.
  4. For students seeking reclassification from nonresident to resident status, evidence of financial independence from any nonresident of California.

The burden of proof is on the student to prove he/she is a resident of California. Students should be prepared to present evidence regarding their residence, such as:

  1. Filing of a resident state income tax return.
  2. Entry into a legal agreement (e.g. marriage or divorce).
  3. California driver’s license
  4. Voter registration

A student seeking reclassification from nonresident to resident status
must complete a Supplemental Residency Questionnaire and financial independence affidavit. The questionnaire and all supporting documents must be filed in the office of the Director of Admissions & Records no later than 4 p.m. on the Friday before the semester begins.

For individuals who are refugees, resident aliens, immigrant residents, or non-immigrant aliens, your status with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is also a factor. Bring your INS documents to the Admissions & Records office (L113).