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Current High School Students -Application and Registration Process

STEP 1:  Submit the admission application online at

*If you plan to enroll in Math, English, ESL, Statistics, Accounting or Chemistry follow steps 2 to 6

** If you are NOT going to enroll in any of the above courses follow steps 3 to 6


STEP 2: Take the assessment test in building D room 205 at PCC.


STEP 3: Print the Recommendation for Admissions of Selected Students form from our website at


STEP 4: Take the assessment test results (if applicable) and the Recommendation for Admissions of Selected Students form to your high school counselor or principal. Ask the principal or counselor to complete the Recommendation form, listing the specific classes they are giving the student permission to take at PCC (e.g., Hist 7A and Hist 7B instead of the general subject of History).


STEP 5: Have your parent or legal guardian sign the Recommendation for Admissions of Selected Students form.


STEP 6(If Applicable): Complete the PASS/NO PASS slip if you want to take one of your courses for credit only and no grade.


STEP 7: Submit the Recommendation for Admissions of Selected Students form and a copy of your most recent high school transcript electronically to or bring the form and transcript to the PCC Admissions and Records Office in building L room 113. IF YOU BRING YOUR FORM AND TRANSCRIPT IN PERSON, PLEASE BRING YOUR PHOTO ID, OTHERWISE YOUR PAPERWORK WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.



REGISTRATION: Upon receipt of the materials listed in steps 1-6 above, you will receive an email identifying your registration date and time. Your will register for your classes online on or after the date/time indicated on the admissions email. All fees must be paid per the stated timeline indicated at the time of registration. Students will be required to pay the health, ASB and student activity fees. Additional course fees are requited for some courses. Non-resident will be required to pay non-resident tuition and fees. Fee information is posted online at