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Fees & Tuition

Fees & Tuition

Important Note: Lancerlink is done, but LancerPoint is here! Activate your LancerPoint account and start using it to pay your fees today!

Note: ALL GENERAL FEES AND PARKING FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. All parking on campus is by permit only, 7 days a week. The purchase of a semester or intersession permit does not guarantee you a parking space. Restrictions apply to CEC permits - see below.

Enrollment $46.00 per unit $46.00 per unit
Health $13.00 $10.00
Student Representation $1.00 $1.00
Non-California Resident $200.00 per unit
in addition to standard enrollment fee
$200.00 per unit
in addition to standard enrollment fee
Capital Outlay
(for Non-California Residents)
$30.00 per unit $30.00 per unit
International Student Tuition $200.00 per unit
in addition to standard enrollment fee
$200.00 per unit
in addition to standard enrollment fee
International Student Insurance $540.00 per each 6 months
* subject to change
$540.00 per each 6 months
* subject to change
Course Fee Varies with course Varies with course
Student Activity Fee $10.00 per semester $5.00 per semester

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PCC Daily Permit $2.00 per day $2.00 per day
PCC Semester Permit $64.00 $20.00
PCC Motorcycle Permit $10.00 $10.00
CEC Daily Permit $2.00 per day $2.00 per day
CEC Semester Permit $48.00 $15.00
CEC Motorcycle Permit $10.00 $10.00
Parking Refund Processing Fee $5.00 $5.00
Online Parking Permit Surcharge $0.00 $0.00

NOTE: RETURNED CHECKS OR CREDIT CARD CHARGES -- A ten dollar ($10.00) charge is assessed for each check or credit card charge returned to the college unpaid for any reason. A stop-payment order does not constitute an official withdrawal nor does it relieve the student's financial obligation for registration. Failure to immediately replace a returned check or disallowed credit card charge with cash or money order will result in a financial hold which will block access to all college services.

Fee Payment

Pay Online

Students who fail to pay their student account bill will be liable for all charges incurred from registration and will receive "F's" for all classes not dropped. 

Students are responsible for dropping their classes if you do not plan to attend.  The college will not drop you from your classes.

Make an online payment or go to the Student Bank in B203 to pay by cash, check or money order.  To pay your fees online Login to LancerPoint at

Click "LancerPoint Login".  After loggin in, click the "Tuitition & Aid" tab.  Click the current semester link under My Account.  To pay your balance use the "Click here" link.  


Financial Aid

The computer will adjust your fees according to any financial aid granted to you. You must reapply for financial aid beginning Summer through Spring Semesters.

LancerCard ID

To get your photo LancerCard ID, go to Photo ID located in the Campus Center (CC building) after you register.

Petitioned Course Repeats

For a petitioned course repeat, you will receive a response by email if it has been granted or denied.  If granted, you may not register for the class until your assigned registration date or after. 

Parking Permits

Daily parking permits may be purchased from dispensers in the student parking lots. Semester and intersession parking permits can be purchased online or in person through LancerPoint.

See Police and Safety Parking Regulations for more information.


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