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Closed Classes—Computerized Waiting List Procedures

When a class closes, a wait list will open.  You may add your name to the wait list if space is available.  If the wait list is closed, the class will state “Closed”. 

Once you are on the waiting list, it is the student’s responsibility to check their Lancer email (in LancerPoint under the Home tab) every day for an email indicating that the class has been activated in your LancerPoint account.  Once a student drops in the enrolled class, the first student on the waiting list will receive an email.  The student is then responsible for logging into LancerPoint to “Activate” the class within 48 hours.  If the student fails to activate the class, the second student will get an email followed by the third student, etc., until one of them activates the class.  Once your 48 hours passes, the system will no longer email you for that class and you will be dropped from the wait list. 

If by the first day of class, you are still on the waiting list, you may attend the first day of class and ask the instructor to add.  The instructor will usually add from the waiting list based on seats available.  If you are not on the waiting list, your chances are lower.