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Closed Classes—Computerized Waiting List Procedures

For the majority of classes, a computerized WAITING LIST system will be in effect for closed classes.

If you attempt to register for a closed class, you will be asked whether or not you wish to be placed on the waiting list for that class, if space on the waiting list is available. If you so choose, you will be provisionally enrolled in the class. You must pay any associated fees, may not register for a conflicting section or another section of the same course, and must attend the first class meeting. There, the instructor will tell you if you have been moved from the waiting list to fully enrolled status or, if not, whether you may return the next time the class meets.

Until the Sunday before the session begins, as space in the class becomes available, students on the waiting list will be moved to fully enrolled status in the order in which they registered. After the first day of the session, students still on the waiting list who do not get added to the class need to drop the class online at LancerPoint or by phone. Students must request any applicable refund through the normal refund procedures. Refunds are not automatic.

Certain classes may require instructor or division approval. Check with your counselor or the division office for information on these classes.