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Online Registration

Registration Date and Time

  • New or returning students: If you applied online, your assigned registration date and time was e-mailed to you by the Admissions Office. If you applied in person, you were given a permit to register with your assigned registration date and time.
  • Continuing students: Login to LancerPoint at and select “check registration status ” option to find out the earliest date and time you can register.

Class Selection

  • Check the Schedule of Classes to search for Open/Closed List of classes and write down the four-digit section number, course title, meetings times, and units of each course you want as shown on the form below.
  • Select a list of alternate sections and/or courses in case the ones you want are closed.
CRN number course title days and hours units
example: 0435 Accounting 1A MTWTh 8-9 am 4

Class Prerequisite

  • Check the Schedule of Classes to see if any of the courses you selected have a prerequisite. If you have met the prerequisite by taking a course at PCC after Fall 1981, or if you took the placement test for an English, math, or ESL course, the computer will verify the prerequisite for you automatically. If you have met a course prerequisite some other way, such as by a course at another college, AP or CLEP test, you must clear the prerequisite before registering.
    1. Prerequisites may be cleared in Advising, L-103D, or by mailing or faxing in the acrobat pdf document. acrobat reader required.Prerequisite Clearance cover sheet with appropriate documentation attached.
    2. If you believe you have the skills or ability to succeed in the course because of personal or work experience, you MUST file a Acrobat PDF document. Acrobat Reader required.Prerequisite Challenge Form in Advising, L-103D. Please see the Challenge Form itself for more specific information.
  • See a counselor if:
    1. one of the courses you want has a prerequisite and the computer cannot automatically verify it; or
    2. you are going to take your first English, Mathematics, or English as a Second Language class at PCC. You may be removed from classes for which you are not eligible.
  • For classes that need special approval, such as instructor or Division Dean’s signature or an audition, go to the Division Office.
  • Before registering, you must clear all holds or financial delinquencies. These will prevent your registration. Contact the Student Business Services office, (626) 585-7336, if you have a delinquency.
  • Before your assigned registration time, gather all your registration information together:
    1. Your list of class section number and alternate class sections.
    2. Your Lancer ID number
  • Register Online

Go to

  • Remember, your registration will not complete until PCC receives your payment for all fees.
  • Students who have registered and paid all fees owed may add or drop classes at   System is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If the online registration system does not seem to be functioning properly, please call (626) 585-7575 between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, or 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday.
  • After a semester starts, the following procedure must be utilized for adding courses online.

    PCC AUTOMATIC ADD CODE PROCEDURES FOR STUDENTS.  To use the Late Add Code, follow the directions below:

     WEB SYSTEM PROCEDURES  LancerPoint is available - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    1. Go to LancerPoint

    2. Log in using your user name and password.

    3. Click on Student.

    4. Click on Registration.

    5. Click on Add or Drop Classes.

    6. Enter the CRN in the field provided and Submit.

    7. You will be presented with the option to use and Add Code.

    8. Enter the add code and select Validate. Enter the code

    carefully as there is a limit as to how many erroneous

    attempts you will be allowed.

    9. After Validating you must “SUBMIT CHANGES” in order

    to be registered in the class. Just Validating does not

    register you.

    10. Pay your fees – If fees are due as a result of your schedule

    changes, you may pay online by ACH or credit card or you

    may pay by cash at the Cashier’s Office in Building L Room 113

    You can perform DROPS and ADDS at the same time.


    The late add code is a unique code which can be used only

    once by one student. DO NOT give your code to another

    student. Instructors will drop students who were given codes

    by other students.