Pasadena City College Artist in Residence
Bravender and Malm

Professor Emeritus Suzanne Bravender, former Divison Dean Linda Malm, and State Senator Jack Scott, a former president of Pasadena City Collete, at the gallery reception commemorating 20 years of the Artist-in-Residence program, January 12, 2006.

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DR. JAMES KOSSLER, President, Pasadena City College

The entire Pasadena City College family proudly joins our colleagues in the Visual Arts and Media Studies Division in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of their highly successful Artist-in-Residence Program. Begun in 1987 as a modest attempt to connect PCC students with prominent practicing artists, the program has now brought 20 outstanding visual arts professionals to the campus, to the annual delight of students, staff, and the larger community.

Although from the beginning, the principal focus of the program has been to provide a weeklong opportunity for the artist and the students to enjoy an intimate dialogue during the actual creation of a work of art, there has always been a secondary effort to celebrate the presence of the artist with the larger campus community and with the significant community of interested residents in the college service area. "Standing-room-only" public forums and receptions attest to the huge popularity of this program with both students and the public.

As we recognize the 20th anniversary of this wonderful program, it is appropriate to acknowledge those who have made it such a resounding success - the visiting artists themselves. These distinguished professionals have given generously of their time and talent to encourage the development of the next generation of visual artists. We are especially gratified that each succeeding artist has expressed his or her genuine enjoyment of the time they spent with our students. But the generosity of these exceptional individuals has extended even farther. Each visiting artist has also made a personal gift to Pasadena City College of a piece of his or her own work. The entire exciting and renowned collection, detailed in this beautiful publication, is on display for students and the public year-round in the Shatford Library. In a very real sense, a part of each visiting artist will remain with the college forever.

Our congratulations to the Visual Arts and Media Studies Division, and our heartfelt gratitude to our visiting artists, for creating and sustaining this wonderful Pasadena City College tradition!

January 2006