Archive Exhibit: Student Summer Exhibition: BOB & MARTHA, FILIGREE

July 27 - July 31, 2010


Pasadena City College is pleased to present a group exhibition titled BOB&MARTHA, consisting of new work by three Los Angeles based artists, Kalen Hollomon, Ian Robertson-Salt, and Sebastian Tovar. BOB&MARTHA is an examination of the affairs, often romantic, that humans create with their surroundings, including nature and technology. Showcasing painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, BOB&MARTHA will be on view from July 27, through JULY 31, in the PCC Art Gallery. PCC is pleased to present Filigree, a new exhibition by visual artist Ryan Hancock. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hancock has centered his art and education on science and nature. This background has lead him to his current series which focuses on the relationship between the two. This exhibition features Hancock’s large ink drawings, focusing on naturally occurring movements and patterns. Hancock manipulates the the flow of ink with a stream of compressed air to create the patterns and lines that are preeminent in this series of intricate black and white pieces. By using this indirect method of drawing Hancock leaves more room for the laws of nature and probability to interact. The viewer will look for the natural occurring patterns with the slightest variations due to chance in these pieces. Filigree is an refreshing and awe inspiring look into the junction between art and science.

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