Archive Exhibit: Mantong and Protong: Richard Sharpe Shaver and Staniislav Szukalski

October 9 - November 14, 2009

Szukalski explaining his science of Zermatism, 1985.

In conjunction with the Pasadena festival of Art & Ideas, Pasadena City College Art Gallery will present an exhibition that vividly illuminates two of the twentieth century's most unusual theories of human origins and the artists who originated them: Stanislav Szukalski and Richard S. Shaver.

Szukalski (1893- 1987) was a greatly acclaimed artist in his native Poland in the 1920's and ‘30’s. Most of his life's work was destroyed during the Nazi invasion of Warsaw. He relocated to the United States, where he developed his science of Zermatism, a comprehensive theory of human pre-history accompanied by an extensive body of drawings, writings and sculpture. Richard Shaver (1907-1975) became famous in the post-WWII US as the author of pulp science fiction stories that he insisted were fundamentally true. His elaborate tales of malevolent creatures in underground cities that control human minds created a sensation in the science fiction world, as thousands of readers agreed with the truth of Shaver's claims. In later life, Shaver became convinced that certain rocks were actually manufactured artifacts of advanced races that occupied earth eons ago. He developed unusual techniques to produce paintings and photographs based on these “rock books,” in order to reveal the true history of intelligent life on earth. The Pasadena show will include a substantial amount of material by both of these artists that has never before been published or exhibited.

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