Archive Exhibit: Recalling Nature, Group Exhibition

October 4 - November 5, 2004

Postcard image for the exhibit - Recalling Nature

In association with The Tender Land, Pasadena Festival of Art, Music and Science and with the support of the Pasadena Arts Council

The exhibition Recalling Nature is not a representation of vistas, but rather how the idea of nature is recalled and revealed in a contemporary context. A vision of what qualifies as ¯nature˜ can be broad and might include all forms of imagery, abstract and/or representational. Artists, Doug Buis and Hilary Norcliffe, however confront the viewer with a nature several degrees separated from itself. It seems impossible to have any visual sense or sighting of what pure nature would feel or look like, if there is such a thing it exists possibly as an aberration. In Recalling Nature, Buis and Norcliffe describe their aberrations through installation and assemblage works.

This theme highlights a distinct shift in how nature is seen today in contrast to past generations of artists. The past one hundred years have given rise to such inventions as the automobile, the atom bomb, television, cyberspace, and a prolific production of graphic styles. None of which seems to get us any closer to a truer sense of nature or self, but instead blurs the boundaries. This exhibition is about navigating between the ¯nature˜ in recollection and its manifestation in contemporary culture.

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Oct 09, 2004

Recalling Nature Artist's Reception
6:00 p.m. - Art Gallery

Oct 21, 2004

Artist Lectures
7:00 p.m. - Art Gallery