Archive Exhibit: Christina Quarles - "Inhibition/Exhibition"

July 13 - July 17, 2004

Installation from the

Pasadena City College is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Los Angeles based artist, Christina Quarles. Quarles uses relational art to create an installation that explores inhibition through exhibition.

Her work, entitled "INHIBITION/EXHIBITION" allows one to experience her art similar to how one would experience someone whose own diffidence hinders his or her ability to reveal the entirety of his or her self.

Upon entering the gallery one first notices a sculptural wall hanging constructed of various materials including cardboard, wax, and hair. Though they are not made up of anything that is particularly unusual or precious, these sturdy structures appear to have been carefully assembled. It is only after experiencing these rugged sculptures for a few minutes that one comes to notice small illuminated holes on the surface.

Enticing one to see what is inside, one is able to glance into a radically different world both protected and concealed by the tough exterior. Only one or two people are able to observe the inside at any one given time, and in order to glance within, one must press their face against the piece, creating an intimate relationship with the work itself. The cumbersome and evasive process one must endure may force a commitment from the viewer that is necessary before the entirety of the piece is revealed.

Christina Quarles has studied at Cal State University, Los Angeles, Occidental College, and Pasadena City College. She has participated in a number of group and juried exhibitions throughout the Los Angeles area.

For more information please contact Christina Quarles at (323) 954-8565 Or Visual Arts and Media Studies division at (626) 585-7238

This Exhibition is supported by the Pasadena Arts Alliance and the Visual Arts and Media Studies Division at Pasadena City College.

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Installation from the Installation from the Installation from the

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Jul 17, 2004

Art Gallery Reception: Christina Quarles- "INHIBITION/EXHIBITION"
7:00 p.m. - PCC Art Gallery