Archive Exhibit: Todd Gray

January 12 - February 6, 2004

Todd Gray

Artists, Todd Gray and Stephan Reusse will be using the Pasadena City College art gallery space to build a multi media installation integrating architectural forms, video, and photography. Their construction methods and materials combine discarded cultural remnants (in the 2002 installation ©¯Banana©˜ this included trash from the homeless family) with video technology. This mini theme park of civilized refuse conjures artistic references such as Kurt Schwitters©ˆ Merzbau (Merz house), similarly, the disorientating use of projected imagery that forces viewers into an active role of viewing, references the artist, Paul McCarthy.

Todd Gray is a Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging at California State University, Long Beach, and Stephan Reusse resides in Koln, Germany. Reusse is represented by Artcore Gallery and Galleria Pedrooliveira.

Gray and Reusse have a collaborative history dating back more than a decade including:

2002, Media; a collection of Video Art from Los Angeles, organized by Joseph Santarromano, piece entitled ©¯Banana©˜

1992, "Stephan Reusse/Todd Gray: Gravity As A Nostalgic Principle for Adventurers", Art & Concept, Munich, Germany

1990, With German artist, Stephan Reusse, Photo-sculpture (Constant Frustration Level), at the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, CA.

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Todd Gray Art gallery visitors engaging about the exhibit Art gallery visitors engaging about the exhibit

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Feb 03, 2004

Todd Gray - Artist's Reception
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