Archive Exhibit: Art Exhibition: Heather Loyd, Lisa Gonzalez & Connie Wong

July 21 - July 27, 2004

connie wong print of a two faces

An exhibition of recent work by Heather Loyd, Lisa Gonzalez and Connie Wong.

Artists' Reception: July 24th, 7-10 pm

Through the medium of painting, Heather Loyd is interested in describing the passage of time and the evolution of materials as observed through the lifespan of natural forms. This recent series of paintings focuses on the intimate observation of leaves as they are altered through the seasons. The color and subtle textures of the leaves are built up through layers of transparent paint which allow the viewer to see close up, the details of something which would ordinarily be unnoticed.

Lisa Gonzalez explores variations on ceramic vessel forms as well as bowls decorated with carved figures and narrative themes. The pitchers and urns are inspired by different cultural variations of these forms as well as the occasional resemblance to the human torso. Oxide stains are layered over glazes to create a decorative surface inspired by Italian majolica and Persian tiles.

The etchings of Connie Wong can appear simultaneously surreal and oddly familiar like a children's story, which is frightening and comical at the same time. Images such as a little girl eating a squid or a whirling group of smoking heads passing butts to each other are inspired by the fragmented thoughts, dreams and memories which filter through our consciousness in the midst of our ordinary pursuits.

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connie wong print of a two faces Heather Loyd, Lisa Gonzalez & Connie Wong

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Jul 24, 2004

Artists' Reception: Heather Loyd, Lisa Gonzalez & Connie Wong
7:00 p.m. - Art Gallery