Archive Exhibit: Digital Matters

July 30 - August 4, 2004

Digital composition from the flyer for the exhibit

Justin Cram presents Digital Matters, a multi-media video art installation. The show is broken into various “rooms”, including a living room, dining room and a classroom. Within these rooms, video is projecting into television sets or from video projectors. Using approximately five hours of video footage throughout the gallery, Cram creates several video environments for a varied audience experience. The “rooms” are placed so that the viewer can explore each space in no particular order. Also included in this exhibition, is digital print work of artists Omer Meral, Hector de la Torre and Justin Cram.

Upon entering the gallery, one finds themselves in a living room, where a couch sits across from an old television set. Like looking into a mirror, a television is recording the viewers as they come in, and then reflects back onto them from the television. This is intended to involve the viewer into a world of video. As one turns the corner into the main gallery, they may view any of the five rooms. Here viewers may explore the relationship to the video and the environment they were just in.

In the patio, out of the gallery space, Cram places broken computer monitors and television sets with plants growing out of them. This ends the viewer’s experience in the gallery. It concludes the motivation behind Cram’s exhibition, that technology can be a medium for art.

Justin Cram has a background in graphic design and photography. He has studied at San Francisco State University, Pasadena City College, and Art Center in Pasadena. He is currently working on a degree in graphic design. He is also producing a short film about a computer savvy man sucked into a world that is similar to the interaction he has with his computers.

Digital Matters opening reception is Friday, July 30th from 7-10pm.

The exhibition will be on display from July 30th to August 4th 2004.

Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday 2-6pm Monday to Wednesday 12-4pm

For more information on Justin Cram, as well as, documentation of this show please visit or call (818) 439-7895.

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Jul 30, 2004

Digital Matters - Opening Reception
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