Archive Exhibit: FRACTIONAL WORLD IN CLAY: Pasty Cox, Ryan Logan, Brad Miller

January 19 - March 1, 2008

white clay pieces moving out of the wall


Curated by Jim Gonzalez and Keiko Fukazawa

at the Pasadena City College Art Gallery

January 19 – March 1, 2008 Reception for the artists: Saturday, January 19, 1 - 3 PM Related event: Lecture by Phyllis Green, artist and curator of the 2008 Scripps Ceramics Annual. February 28, noon, in room R- 122. Followed by a reception in the gallery. ALL EVENTS ARE FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Organized by artists Keiko Fukazawa and Jim Gonzalez, “Fractional World in Clay” presents recent work by three artists of different generations, each of whom uses modular ceramic units to create cohesive works that evolve in response to their surroundings.

Patsy Cox exhibits an installation consisting of small modular units. She describes her work as embodying “mutations, hybrids, growth, and cross-pollination.” Her recent installations reflect her relationship to Los Angeles (Cox, born in Thailand, was educated in Missouri and Delaware before moving to LA). “My installations focus on capturing the overwhelming nature of a sprawling city and often use the primary colors of blue, yellow and red to emphasize the possibility of its transformation: all colors are possible from the mixture.”

Ryan Logan presents sculptural work using numerous units he combines and suspends “into a network using overlapping pathways,” as the artist puts it. His installations attempt to “reveal a process that is under construction and open to changes even though the network itself seems to have temporarily adjusted, or acclimatized, to the space.”

Brad Miller has been investigating the properties of “natures most persistent ordering systems” in his artwork for the past thirty years. The artist finds his muses, he states, “in the dynamic middle ground of changing patterns, when systems move between order and disorder.”

Exhibition curators Keiko Fukazawa and Jim Gonzalez are both ceramic artists and faculty members in the Pasadena City College Division of Visual Arts and Media Studies. __________________________ PCC ART GALLERY HOURS: Monday through Thursday: 11 A.M. to 8 P.M; Friday, Saturday: Noon to 4 P.M. Closed Sundays and school holidays. Visitor parking is available on campus for $2. Recorded Gallery information: (626) 585-3285 ALL EVENTS ARE FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

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white clay pieces moving out of the wall

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