Action Shots from the Compton VS. PCC Game


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Yolanda Johnson dashes to the hoop to take a shot. Tamiko Rounds works the ball across the court. Desiree Butler gets ready to take a shot. Stephanie Solomon jumps into the air to take a shot.
Rashynda Blanchard receives a ball from a teammate. Stephanie Solomon tries to steal a ball. Yolanda Johnson dribbles the ball. Yolanda Johnson works her way toward the goal.
Carmen Deal prepares to take a shot between two guards. Carmen Deal recovers a rebound. Yolanda Johnson runs pass a guard. Tamiko Rounds rushes pass a guard.
Carmen Deal guards the opposing team. Stephanie Solomon waits for an opening to take a shot. Stephanie Solomon waits for a rebound. Being double teamed by the opposing team, Yolanda Johnson takes a shot for the hoop.