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PCC cross country 2015 team

Lancer Facts:

  • Pasadena City College
    1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106-2003
  • Men's/Women's Cross Country Head Coach: Currently Vacant
  • Coach Phone: TBA
  • Athletic Director: Tony Barbone, 626-585-3203
  • Associate AD/Compliance: Dr. Michael McClellan, 626-585-7814
  • Sports Information Director: Robert Lewis, 626-585-7018
  • Athletic Trainers: Rudy Aguilar, Patty Bellali, 626-585-7796/3205
  • Equipment Attendant: Terry Tapley, Dana Stoddard, 585-7224/7219
  • Athletic Clerk: Sara Medina, 626-585-3142
  • Team Mascot: Lancers
  • Team Colors: Cardinal and Gold
  • Home Site: Brookside Park Golf Course/Off-site courses
  • League Affiliate: South Coast Conference


  • State Team Championships in PCC History: (1), 1967 (Men)
  • 2015 Finish:
    Women 5th Place in SCC; 21st in SoCal
    Men 6th Place in SCC
    W-Christina Elizalde 100th at State Meet, 67th at SoCal; Franceska Millanponce 15th in SCC
    M-Felipe Loera 100th at SoCal Meet; 30th in SCC
  • 2014 Finish;
    Women 5th Place in SCC; 17th in SoCal; 17th in CCCAA State Meet
    Men 7th Place in SCC; 27th in SoCal
    W-Ashley Medina (10th), All-SCC Second Team; 50th at State Meet
    M-Nathan Guzman 18th in SCC; 50th at State Meet
  • 2013 Finish:
    Women 4th Place in SCC; 10th in SoCal; 14th in CCCAA State Meet;
    Men 6th Place in SCC; 21st in SoCal
    W-Brenda Grate (9th), Tansica Sunkamaneevongse (12th), All-SCC Second Team;
    Grate 37th, Christina Shamirian 38th in SoCal: Sunkamaneevongse 35th, Grate 36th in State
    M-Brendan Greene 23rd in SCC; 85th in SoCal; 83rd in State
  • 2012 Finish:
    Women 4th Place in SCC; 15th in SoCal; 15th in CCCAA State Meet;
    Men 6th Place in SCC; 16th in SoCal; 22nd in CCCAA State Meet:
    W-Diane Lombardi, All-SCC Second Team (9th); 15th in State;
    Christina Shamirian, 61st in SoCal
    M-Francis Lee, 18th in SCC; 34th in SoCal;
    Kevin Cano, 77th in State
  • 2011 Finish:
    Women 3rd Place in SCC; 13th in SoCal; 10th in CCCAA State Meet;
    Men 8th in SCC; 25th in SoCal;
    W-Elizabeth Lyons, All-SCC Second Team (9th); 47th in SoCal; 53rd in State
    M-Angus Leung 31st in SCC; Brian Sacripanti 101st in SoCal
  • 2010 Finish: Women 5th in SCC; Men 5th in SCC; 23rd in SoCal;
    W-Tracee van der Wyk, All-State (2nd), All-SoCal (2nd), All-SCC First Team (2nd)
    M-Will Zentmyer, 16th in State, 23rd in SoCal, All-SCC First Team (3rd)
  • 2009 Finish: Women 4th in SCC; 17th in SoCal; 15th at CCCAA State Meet;
    Tracee van der Wyk, All-State (4th), All-SoCal (6th), All-SCC First Team (3rd);
    Men 5th Place in SCC, 19th in SoCal; Ernesto Rodriguez 47th, Will Zentmyer 50th in CCCAA State Meet

    2011 women's state team, 10th Place

Tracee van der Wyk
2010 CCCAA State, 2nd
2009 State, 4th

Will Zentmyer
2010 All-SCC, 3rd
CCCAA State Meet, 16th

Diane Lombardi,
2012 All-SCC, 9th
CCCAA State Meet, 15th

Elizabeth Lyons
2011 All-SCC, 9th

2013 Azusa Pacific Jr

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