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Athletic Eligibility




You are eligible to compete in intercollegiate sports at Pasadena City College (PCC) if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are an amateur athlete in the sport in which you intend to compete.
  2. You are a first-time participant in intercollegiate athletics at any college.
  3. You are currently enrolled in a minimum of 12 units and will maintain continuous enrollment in at least 12 units during the season of the sport. 9 of those 12 units must be academic units.




  1. After participation in a sport, it is necessary to maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher.
  2. To be eligible for a second season of a sport, an athlete must complete at least 24 units between seasons.
  3. You must have 12 units current enrollment.





  1. You must have completed 12 units at PCC before participation in intercollegiate sports.
  2. You must have 12 units current enrollment.
  3. A tracer must be on file determining the extent of participation at other colleges.

A transcript from the transferring college will be required to determine eligibility requirements for grades and units. You will save valuable time if you hand carry your transcripts to your athletic counselor.





  1. You must have 12 units of current enrollment.
  2. You must have completed 24 units from the last season of play.
  3. You must have a 2.0 GPA from the first season of participation.


Student Affairs Eligibility FAQs

Listed below are specific sections of the California Community College State Athletic Code that pertain to athletic eligibility.

Read these rules prior to signing your Form I. This is only a partial list. Your college athletic administrators shall answer any questions you have about these and other sections of the ten-chapter State Athletic Code.

5.021 In order to be eligible, a student-athlete must be continuously and actively enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit units (nine of which are academic) at his or her community college during the season of sport, notwithstanding other sections of this Code. Such eligibility shall be required for non-conference, conference, and post-conference participation.

By the second semester of attendance at a community college, the college shall certify that the student-athlete has on file an individual educational plan.

5.031 Actual playing in a scheduled game, meet, or match (except scrimmages) in any institution aboe the high school level during a sport season shall be recorded as one season’s participation in that sport. Participation in a scrimmage will count as one season of participation at a four-year school.

5.041 To be eligible for the second season of a sport, the student-athlete must complete and pass 24 semester units between seasons of competition. These units must be completed prior to the beginning of the semester of the second season of sport. Units completed and passed during the first season of sport shall be included in the calculation of the 24 semester units requirement.

Of the 24 semester units to be completed, 18 semester units shall be in course work counting toward the associate degree, remediation, transfer, and / or certification as defined by the college catalog and are consistent with the student-athlete’s educational plan.


Academic Probation: Students who achieve less than a cumulative 2.00 grade-point average in 12 or more units attempted are placed on academic probation. A student on probation is limited to a maximum load of 12 units per semester. Academic probation may be removed and regular status attained by achieving a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher.

Academic Disqualification: Students Enrolled on academic probation are subject to disqualification if they fail to achieve a cumulative grade-point average of 1.75 in each of the two subsequent semesters of enrollment. If a student has a semester grade-point average of 2.0 or higher in the semester in which the student would be disqualified, the student will not be dismissed but instead will continue on probation.

Probation for Unsatisfactory Citizenship: Students attending the college ate expected to maintain satisfactory standards of citizenship at all times on the campus and in the community. When it is indicated that citizenship is unsatisfactory, the student subject to the following: reprimand, disciplinary probation, administrative class drop, suspension or expulsion, as conditions warrant. Unsatisfactory citizenship includes, cheating, plagiarism, hazing and conduct disruptive to the reaching-learning process.

Progress Probation: Students will be placed on progress probation when 12 or more cumulative units are attempted and W, I and NC units reach or exceed half the cumulative units attempted. Students may be removed from progress probation status when the cumulative number of W, I and NC units recorded is less then half the cumulative units attempted.

Progress Disqualification: Students enrolled on progress probation are disqualified when the cumulative number of W, I and NC units reaches or exceeds half the cumulative units attempted for two consecutive semesters.




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