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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in Pasadena City College?

The simplest way is to apply online. Another way is to go to the Admissions window in the "L" building and fill out the scantron admissions form. Have your social security number, and home or mailing address. After you complete the paperwork. you will be handed some important papers. The most important information you will receive is your registration date, the date you can first register for classes.

Do I need to take a placement test or entrance exams?

Yes, English and Math exams are required, if you are a first time college student, these exams are given throughout the day in D204. Calculators are permitted and ID is necessary for the exam. PCC does not accept other schools' placement results. Here are some sample tests to help you study.

What if I've been to another college/university or community college before coming to PCC, what do I do with those units/classes?

Submit your official transcripts from your previous schools immediately to PCC for evaluation, and credit will be assigned as best applicable. Either walk in with your sealed official transcripts or have your previous school send them to PCC (Attn: McClellan). Check with a counselor before enrolling in a class you may have taken at another school.

How do I register for classes?

Following your Educational Plan, look up classes that fit in your work and sport schedule. After looking up the section numbers for each of your particular classes, log into the appropriate semester to register. From there, enter all the sections numbers and follow the directions until you have enrolled in all of your classes.

How do I pay for my classes?

Once you have registered for all of your classes, you will have 3 days to pay. If after three days the fees are not paid, all of your classes will be dropped and you will have to register again for your classes. Once school has started, you must pay your classes the same day you add them. You can either pay online with credit/debit card, or go to the "L" Building and pay with cash or check. You must pay all previous fees before adding additional units.

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