Pasadena City College, Home of the PCC Lancers

Committee Members 2016

# Area Represented Representative/
1. Local Business Organization Ron Carter
2. Senior Citizens' Organization Sandra Greenstein
3. Taxpayers' Organization John McLean
4. PCC Student Kelly Bahn , Student Trustee
5. Active in PTSA or PCC Foundation Lonnie Schield, PCC Foundation
6. Trustee Area #1 (R. Selvidge) Anthony Portantino, Chair
7. Trustee Area #2 (J. Osterling) Felicia Williams
8. Trustee Area #3 (B. Brown) Allen Shay, Vice Chair
9. Trustee Area #4 (H. R. Hilsman) Dennis Murphy
10. Trustee Area #5 (L. Wah ) Marla Felber
11. Trustee Area #6 (J. Martin) Vernon Wickstrom
12. Trustee Area #7 (A. Fellow) Roger Chandler
 * Citizens Oversight Committee members will serve two-year terms and may be reappointed for a second term. Members may return to the committee after an absence of two years.