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2014-15 Academic Calendar

Mon., 12/2/2013 Begin Accepting Admissions Applications - Online
Tue., 6/24/2014 Schedule of Classes on PCC Website
Tue., 7/1/2014 Continuing Student Registration Time on Web
Thu., 7/10/2014 Lancer Cards Available
Thu., 7/10/2014 Vets, Foster Youth, CalWORKS, DSPS, EOP&S Reg.
Fri., 7/11/2014 Graduation Initiative Student Registration
Mon., 7/14/2014 to Tue., 7/15/2014 FYE Pathway Student Registration
Tue., 7/15/2014 SYE Pathway/TYE Pathway Student Registration
Tue., 7/15/2014 TRIO, PASS Upwrd Bound, NC to Credit Registration
Wed., 7/16/2014 Athletes, Elected ASB, F1 Visa Registration
Wed., 7/16/2014 to Mon., 7/21/2014 Continuing Students Registration
Mon., 7/21/2014 Returning Students Register, fully matriculated
Mon., 7/21/2014 New Student Registration
Tue., 7/22/2014 to Thu., 7/24/2014 New, Returning Student Register, Non Matriculated
Fri., 7/25/2014 Students w/100+ units Registration
Fri., 7/25/2014 Concurrent HS/or w/Bachelor Degree or Higher Reg.
Mon., 7/28/2014 Lost Priority Due to Academic Standing Register
Mon., 8/25/2014 Fall Term Starts
Sun., 9/7/2014 Last Day to Add A Class Online for 16 Week Courses
Tue., 9/9/2014 Last Day to Drop Without a "W" Online-16 wk course
Tue., 9/9/2014 Last Day- Drop/Receive Refund Online 16 wk course
Fri., 9/19/2014 Last Day to Petition for Fall 2014 Graduation
Wed., 10/1/2014 Faculty Professional Dev. Day-NO CLASSES
Wed., 10/1/2014 Faculty Professional Dev. Day-L. Bldg Closed
Sun., 10/12/2014 to Sat., 10/18/2014 Midterm Exams Administered
Sun., 10/12/2014 to Mon., 10/27/2014 Midterm Grades Entered by Faculty Online
Wed., 10/29/2014 Midterm Grade Reports Available Online
Tue., 11/11/2014 Veterans Day Holiday-Campus Closed
Fri., 11/14/2014 Last Day to Apply Online
Fri., 11/14/2014 Last Day to Drop With a "W" Online-16 Week Courses
Thu., 11/27/2014 to Sun., 11/30/2014 Thanksgiving Holiday-Campus Closed
Mon., 12/8/2014 to Sun., 12/14/2014 Final Exams Administered
Sun., 12/14/2014 Term Ends
Fri., 12/19/2014 Deadline for Final Grades Due from Faculty
Wed., 12/24/2014 to Thu., 1/1/2015 Winter Break-Campus Closed