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as of Monday, August 19, 2013

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Financial Aid Award Web Instructions More information available
L-114 - Go to the Website



Financial Aid Banner Web Instructions 



Login tips are below:

  • Go to: to login to LancerPoint

  • Choose the Tuition & Aid tab 

  • Select Award Overview. It will display 1) a summary of the financial aid awards from federal and state (if eligible) sources, 2) the estimated Cost of Attendance (this is not a PCC fee or bill), and 3) a Financial Need calculation.  Important: the award is NOT accepted on the Award Overview page.

  • Select Terms and Conditions to READ and ACCEPT the Terms and Conditions. You must accept the Terms and Conditions before the award is available for view.

  • Select Resources/Additional Information to view the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver (available to California residents only), or other financial assistance you will receive from agencies or organizations (other than your family).    

  • If there is a Federal Work-Study or a Nursing Student Loan, choose Accept Award Offer to activate, or press Decline to reject the award; then press “Submit Decision”. Do not modify the award amount. It will not allow any changes after it is submitted. If you reject, and then change your mind, in order to reinstate the award you must contact the Financial Aid Office.    

  • Review any potential Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements that could occur after an award is made. This item must be complete before financial aid is disbursed. To display information on the requirement click on View Instructions and/or link to the form or website to complete the requirement.

  • All financial aid students must be in an Eligible Program to receive financial aid funds. Check the LancerPoint academic information to check the status. Undecided or Undeclared programs are not eligible to receive financial aid funds.  

  • Select Special Messages to see if any additional information or documentation is needed.   


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