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Important Dates
as of Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today's Important Dates:

TRIO, PASS Upwrd Bound, NC to Credit Registration More information available
- Go to the Website

Web registration for TRIO, PASS, Classic Upward Bound-Math, Science, Upward Bound Talent Search; Non Credit to Credit

Fully Matriculated Students

SYE Pathway/TYE Pathway Student Registration More information available
- Go to the Website

Second Year and Third Year Pathway Student Registration begins -fully matriculated students


Jan 17 - Oct 6, 2014

AES Engineers Scholarship

Mar 17 - Jul 31, 2014

Middle Class Scholarship

Jun 9 - Nov 1, 2014

Buckfire P.C. Disability Scholarship Program

Jun 11 - Aug 31, 2014

Summer 2014 Disbursement Delayed

Jun 17 - Jul 18, 2014

Special Alert: Cal Grant Scam

Jul 14 - 15, 2014

FYE Pathway Student Registration

Upcoming Important Dates:

Wednesday, 7/16

Athletes, Elected ASB, F1 Visa Registration

Continuing Students Registration

Monday, 7/21

Returning Students Register, fully matriculated

New Student Registration

Tue, 7/22 - Thu, 7/24

New, Returning Student Register, Non Matriculated

Friday, 7/25

Students w/100+ units Registration

Concurrent HS/or w/Bachelor Degree or Higher Reg.

Monday, 7/28

Lost Priority Due to Academic Standing Register

Monday, 8/25

Fall Term Starts