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Reasons Form 1098-T was Not Mailed to You


Mon., March 3 - Thu., March 13, 2014




If you did not receive a form 1098-T from Pasadena City College, please see one of the reasons below:


  • Did you only enroll in courses that did not offer academic credit? If yes, you will not receive a form 1098-T.

  • Are you a non-resident alien student? Unless you request the form 1098-T from Student Business Services (W-Building), it will not be issued. 

  • Did you receive a Board of Governor's Fee Waiver or were your fees paid from grants (e.g., Pell Grant) or scholarships? If yes, you will not receive a form 1098-T.

  • Were your fees covered by an arrangement between Pasadena City College (PCC) and/or: the student's employer; a government agency, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs or state Department of Rehabilitation? If yes, the form 1098-T is not issued to you.

If none of these situations applies to you and you recently had a change of address, see the staff at PCC's Student Business Services (W-Building).

For more information about form 1098-T, go to




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