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In response to federal welfare reform, in August 1997 California redesigned its welfare system, naming the new program CalWORKs (California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids program). Under the new requirements of CalWORKs, current welfare recipients have a 24-month limit on aid, and new recipients are limited to 18 cumulative months of benefits.

Beginning April 1, 1998, in Los Angeles County, the adult recipient in a one-parent family is required to participate in a welfare-to-work activity. Most CalWORKs recipients will be required to undertake a four-week job search. If unable to obtain a job, the recipient is assessed and referred to a work preparation activity which can include a community college education/training program.

The Pasadena City College CalWORKs Partnership Program

With funding from the the Community College Chancelor's Office, and in partnership with the L.A. County Department of Public Social Services, Pasadena City College has developed the CalWORKs Partnership Program. The college's role in welfare reform is to assist CalWORKs recipients who were enrolled in county-approved education/ training programs prior to 4/l/98 and to modify training programs to serve a new pool of students who will be referred by the County in the near future.

PCC CalWORKs students are enrolled in a county-approved education/training program, work in paid work-study jobs, and participate in job preparation workshops. Students receive counseling as well as financial assistance with books, child care and transportation, etc. and job placement assistance. At the state and local level, the CalWORKs program at PCC will be considered successful to the degree that it prepares recipients to become employed.

Job Development - the PCC/Employer Partnership

Pasadena City College is seeking local employers who want to contribute to the success of this ambitious program. Employers can help in two ways:

  • Provide part-time work-experience jobs and pay only 40% of wages of employees enrolled in the PCC education/training program. Employees will complete a 90-day trial employment period on the PCC campus prior to placement.
  • Provide full-time jobs for education/ training program graduates.

The PCC CalWORKs Job Developer is available to meet and discuss employer needs, schedule interviews, monitor employee performance, provide ongoing job retention workshops for employees, and establish an overall support system for the employee.

Incentives to Employers

The focus of the CalWORKs Partnership program is employability. Through its program of individualized training and services, the college provides potential job candidates who have updated, proficient job skills, an attitude of self-confidence and self-reliance, and a desire to "make it" in the workforce.

Employees hired from the PCC CalWORKs program are give 30-, 60-, and 90-day follow-up evaluations of their work performance, as well as an ongoing individualized counseling support system-all to ensure a successful and profitable employee/employer relationship.

Another important incentive to you as an employer is the tax credit available when you hire employees who are TANF recipients or who are from other targeted groups. The Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit provide substantial tax credits on wages paid to such employees.

Pasadena City College

PCC is a community college with a 75-year history of providing outstanding educational and economic opportunities for the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the college offers degree or certificate programs in 60 academic areas and 70 vocational areas. The CaIWORKs Partnership Program is one of a wide range of student support services and specialized counseling programs available at PCC.

We look forward to developing a partnership with you and your company. If you have questions or would like more information about the Pasadena City College CalWORKs Partnership Program, please call (626) 585-7060.

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