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About the CDC

Vision Statement

“Everyone Makes a Difference” is the fundamental principal that the Pasadena City College Child Development Center was founded on and continues to work from on a daily basis.

We believe that every child, parent, staff member, and community member working together makes a difference in our Center’s environment. We recognize each person as a capable individual deserving support, respect and acceptance as we work together to create a welcoming family atmosphere.

Mission Statement

The Pasadena City College Child Development Center’s Primary Mission is to serve the children, families, college students, faculty and community members of the Pasadena City College Area. The Child Development Center will provide teachers in training with a model training site that will guide their learning in quality care and early education. We meet this mission by providing high quality childcare and education in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

Program Philosophy

Pasadena City College Child Development Center is committed to maintaining outstanding and exemplary program standards. The Child Development Center honors this commitment by providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum and using an integrated approach to meet the developing social, emotional, cognitive, creative, linguistic, and physical needs of each child.

The Child Development Center promotes positive feelings of self-worth by emphasizing a peaceful environment. We guide children to develop skills necessary to learn, to live together, think divergently, to negotiate conflicts, and become culturally sensitive.

"Every Child Makes a Difference"

Each child comes to us with a unique personality and potential for growth. The Center develops trust with a caring attitude which, combined with professional expertise, allows us to understand each child stage of development.

"Every Parent Makes a Difference"

Each parent brings with them a culture abundant in tradition, which makes our Center rich in diversity. We value our families and embrace our similarities and differences. Working together as partners in care to maintain a consistent home-school environment is our goal. Parents are active members of our Child Development family and participation is required. Our parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit at anytime.

"Every Community Member Makes a Difference"

An investment in education is an investment in the future. By their generous donations, our community continues to develop their future leaders and employees.


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