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Thank you for inquiring about Pasadena City College Child Development Center. We specialize in children's growth and development by providing and facilitating an enriched child-centered program. Each room has been carefully designed to meet the optimal growth potential for a specific age group. Please call 626-585-3180 to sign-up for a tour.

Daytime Program

Operating Hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm
Extended Care: 4:30pm to 5:30pm (additional fee and enrollment subject to availability
Program Sessions:
Full-time sessions: 7:30am to 4:30pm
AM session: 7:30am to 12:00pm
PM session: 12:00pm to 4:30pm
Days per week:
Option 1: (5 days per week) Monday-Friday
Option 2: (3 days per week) Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Option 3: (3 days per week) Tuesday-Thursday


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Age: 4 to around 15 months. This room is designed for 9 infants with a staff ratio of 1:3 (1 teacher per 3 infants). The room environment is designed to support child-directed, child initiated, and teacher-facilitated play. Caregivers listen and read your babies signals as they focus on developing their relationships with a small group of children. Providing continuity of care plays an important role as your child builds a sense of security and trusting relationships. Our goal is to work together as one large family. Caregivers will work with you as partners in the care of your child, keeping a consistency between home and child care that will benefit your child's development of self. We will work as a culturally sensitive as possible as your child is developing a sense of identity. We will have caregivers assigned to oversee your child's needs. Charts will be kept on your child's daily activities so you will know how their day went.
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Young Toddlers

Age: 16 to around 24 months. This room is designed for 16 toddlers. The staff ratio is 1:4 (1 teacher per 4 children). The environment supports toddlers active play as well as quiet play. We provide a wide variety of materials and equipment so that the toddler can engage in self-directed exploration, allowing caregivers to facilitate the child's learning development. Outside time is very important and children will have plenty of time for exploring outdoors. Providing continuity of care plays an important role as the child develops a sense of security and develops trusting relationships. We will have caregivers assigned to oversee your child's needs. We keep charts on your child's daily activities so you will know when they were changed and fed and what their general mood and favorite activity. Parents provide diapers, wipes, food, milk, and juice. We will do cloth or disposable diapers. If your choice is cloth, you must provide on a daily basis, a sealed container for transportation to and from school.
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Older Toddlers

Age: 25 to 36 months. This room is designed for 16 two year olds with a staff ratio of 1:4 (1 teacher per 4 children). Our philosophy is based on creating a respectful, nurturing and intimate program through primary care groups. Caregivers provide attention to personal care routines as learning experiences. Diapering/toilet learning, meal times, and napping are opportunities to build close personal relationships. Toilet learning is a primary part of our curriculum. Our curriculum emerges from teacher observations of children's interests. The staff works together with parents to provide consistency between home and school, making this a positive experience for the child. Two's are delightful, physically active learners. They learn by doing. They have tireless curiosity, enthusiasm for life and they get totally involved in the here and now. They are emerging individuals who proudly (and sometimes loudly) announce to the world the exciting news of their growing autonomy. "Look at my new underwear!" It is a very important time to be flexible with their changing needs and moods. They need consistency in daily routines, regular physical activity times and lots of sensory/messy play (e.g. water, sand, mud, paint, etc.).
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We are a multi-aged grouped preschool setting. Serving children who are 3 to 4 years of age. Our staff ratio is 1:8 (1 teacher to 8 children). We are also a State-Funded Preschool and meet all exemplary program standards required by the State of California. We are a child-centered, child-initiated program. We believe children learn by discovery and exploration. Our teachers are facilitators in their development. We break into small groups twice daily, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This is the time that your child connects with one teacher so they work on specific skills. Teachers develop curriculum from what interests the child. Your child is provided with choices of activities in all areas of the curriculum. This is a time that children develop a sense of control and independence regarding their choices. Our primary focus is social development. We firmly believe children need to learn and work with each other in a peaceful way. We develop skills with your child that they will maintain throughout their lives, such as how to solve problems and resolve conflicts. We are an anti-bias environment and freely discuss our similarities and differences.
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Early Primary

Our Early Primary room is our Transitional Kindergarten program.  Serving children who are older 4 year olds through age five.  This room is designed for 16 children with a staff ratio of 1:8 (1 teacher per 8 students). The Early Primary Education Program supports a development-based curriculum that meets academic standards for entering kindergarten and first grade. We follow the California State Department of Education Frameworks for all curriculum areas. The morning program is from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After school enrichment programs will be offered such as computers, language arts, creative arts, music and movement.
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Parents as Partners/Education

Parents play an important role at our Center.  Research demonstrates that when parents are actively involved with their child's school; children are more likely to suceed in early education and beyond. Our Center welcomes families as partners in their children's learning and as active members of the classroom community.  "Every Parent Makes A Difference," therefore, we require that parents particpate 10 hours per semester per child.  Within the 10 hours, 2 hours must be committee or event support.  Our goal is for everyone to work together in order to support children's learning and the environment. 

Parent Education:  Our Center's Educational Coordinator provides Parent Education meetings, book talks, special topic handouts, one on one conferencing.  Classroom Specialist can provide you with age-specific, behavior specific, activity specific information. 

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